Monday, January 12, 2015

DayBook 1.12.15


Outside my window... there is a bunch of new snow. Multiple inches. And it is the heavy, wet kind of snow that piles high on each individual tree branch making the yard feel like an enchanted wilderness. Even better, just as the sun came up a few minutes ago, all the snow glowed pink for just a few moments.

I am hearing... dogs gobbling up their food.

I am feeling... a little disappointed in myself that I hit snooze 4 times this morning. I really wanted to get up early. On the other hand, I'm proud of myself for waking the kids right up instead of letting them sleep longer so I could have a bit of time to myself.

I am thinking... about life. And personalities.
I am thankful for... puppy playdates!
From the kitchen... there is a puff pancake in the oven right now for breakfast. Last night I made a new, crockpot Sloppy Joe recipe that we'll eat later this week. I am marinating steak cubes for grilled kabobs for dinner tonight. Maybe I should check the weather forecast before planning grilled meals! Also plan to make split pea soup and maybe a pork loin.
I am wearing... PJs and my Christmas robe... same thing I was wearing this time last week! Maybe different PJ pants.
I am creating...  new routines and rituals?
I am going... to the dentist today. Blah.
I am reading... How To Hug a PorcupinePeace from Broken Pieces, and When You Reach Me
I am hoping... that the weather cooperates with my plans this week.

Around the house... the dishwasher isn't working well, so the repairman is coming out this week. The dishes keep back up, so the kitchen is a bit of a disaster. Oh, well. The rest of the house is not bad, and my new couch arrives on Saturday! 

In the homeschool room... so the kids and I had a big blowout last week about homeschool. They had some valid points. We are making a few changes based on that conversation (can you call yelling and crying a conversation if it is productive??) starting today. One change is that they are going to get up earlier, and we are going to start working earlier. We'll also go down to bare minimum this week and figure the rest out from there.

How I'm exercising... lots of tennis this week. I'm still fitting in a couple runs a week, but they don't feel great. Happy to be back at Pilates.
Something that irks me... my glasses. After a full week, I'm tired of wearing them. One more week to go.
One of my favorite things... quiet snowfalls

A few plans for the next week: it is a busy week - tennis matches x4, dentist appointments x3, haircut, swim meet, plus normally scheduled activities

Here is a picture I am sharing: kids taking a break during skiing last week

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