Monday, January 19, 2015

DayBook 1.19.15


Outside my window... Looks lovely. I haven't checked the weather forecast, but I imagine it is going to warm up again today.

I am hearing... Tripper snoring with his head in my lap. The furnace.

I am feeling... a little disappointed with what the scale told me this morning. I wasn't expecting great things because I didn't eat well over the weekend (lots of salt! Can I blame it on hormones??), but I didn't expect my weight to go up! For the second week in a row! (Okay, I know that I don't need to worry too much about this, but for self confidence reasons I really wanted to be just a few pounds lighter before my solo beach vacation in 2 weeks.)

I am thinking... about friends who told us yesterday that they are getting a divorce.
I am thankful for... my contacts. I'm so sick of my glasses. They make me want to hole up and do nothing. 
From the kitchen... pork loin with roasted veggies for dinner tonight, then a southwestern stew with the leftovers. Don't know what else I'll make this week. Probably easy things like spaghetti. I do want to try a new spinach banana muffin recipe. Maybe today.
I am wearing... skinny jeans, striped tunic tee, grey sweater, slippers
I am creating... a cute notebook cover. Now if I can only get in my sewing room today to work on it.
I am going... to the grocery store after I write this. Just for milk and fruit. 
I am reading... How To Hug a PorcupinePeace from Broken Pieces, and When You Reach Me. Hmmm... same books I was reading last week...
I am hoping... that I can find a coffee table like I'm envisioning. No luck so far.

Around the house... waiting on a part for the dishwasher. It can not come soon enough!

In the homeschool room... homeschool has been going so well the last couple weeks. We've focused on just getting the basics done, and somehow it has made doing extras a bit easier and more enjoyable.

How I'm exercising... I ran last night. I'd like to be getting more long walks done. Pilates hasn't worked out the last week or so. Looking forward to that being regular again.
Something that irks me... my scale. Maybe something is wrong with it... :)
One of my favorite things... roasted sweet potatoes

A few plans for the next week: mostly a pretty normal week. I do have my LASIK evaluation and a massage scheduled. 

Here is a picture I am sharing: 

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