Thursday, January 01, 2015

2015 Winter Goals

Happy New Year! I love fresh starts! My resolution for 2015 is to make seasonal goals for each life category and follow through on them. I reviewed my vision statements from 2011 and used those to design my goals.


  1. Maintain Mvelopes for tracking spending
  2. Start saving for a new car for me (summer 2016?)
  3. Revise wills
  4. Figure out and follow through with a financial project with Matt
  5. Read one financial book 
  1. Buy remaining big items for family room - couch, chair/ottoman, piano bench, coffee table
  2. Finish sanding/painting and install doors on bookcases
  3. Declutter half the basement - this will have to be broken up into smaller projects
  4. Research insulation options for when house is painted this spring
  5. Have automatic opener installed on front driveway gate
  6. Update invisible fence and train Tripper
  7. Clean out chicken coop and treat for mites
  8. Order ping pong table (Matt's 2013 Christmas present!)
  9. Clean out pantry
  10. Clean out games
  1. Try acupuncture
  2. Make eye doctor appointment
  3. Make dentist appointment for me and kids
  4. Make dermatology appointment
  5. Make general physical appointment
  6. Continue Pilates 2x/week and try Pilates video
  7. Plan 2 kedge weeks (one already planned in Feb!)
  8. Read a book about tennis & watch a video series
  9. Come up with a winter meal plan/list
  10. Hit goal weight (I don't usually worry about my weight and sorta feel guilty having this as a goal, but being post holiday with 2 beach vacations in the next 3 months, I gotta set the goal for myself.)
  1. Acknowledge birthdays (I'm not sure what this is going to look like, but I'm horrible at friends' birthdays and want to be better)
  2. Research schools for Kate
  3. Work on a family reunion for my mom's side of the family
  4. Be more diligent about relationships (this is so not a good goal from a "measurable" standpoint, but still something I want in the forefront of my mind)
  5. Read one book on parenting
  1. Ponder suggestion that I sell mug rugs locally. Make a few examples.
  2. Make one holiday table runner
  3. Finish one quilt
  4. Inquire about becoming a hospice volunteer
  5. Read Coaching With the Brain in Mind
Spiritual/Personal Growth
  1. Start a daily gratitude practice
  2. Read a spiritual book
  3. Start journaling at night (mornings don't seem to work for me, so I'm going to try night)
  4. Revise/write vision statements, Know Myself Better 21 day project, and questions from my Sacred Reading as part of evening journal
  5. Meditate on mornings I don't run or walk
  1. Take a trip by myself (Thank you, Matt, for the amazing Christmas present!!)
  2. Take an extended trip to Hawaii (Thank you, Nona, for opening your home to us... again...)
  3. Plan summer travel
  4. Make at least 5 trips to Denver to visit museums/sites
  5. Ski at least 2 different mountains than our normal one

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