Wednesday, December 03, 2014

November Homeschool Review

Not sure what to say about November homeschool. In some ways we did great, in some ways we really slacked off. November is known for being a difficult month for homeschooling. I also always have such great plans for homeschooling while at my parents' house the week of Thanksgiving, and none of it ever happens.

  • KhanAcademy - eh. We mostly did this when we didn't get to MathUSee
  • Calculadder - totally fell off the bandwagon on theses exercises!
  • Life of Fred - started Honey, but didn't finish. Through chapter 9
  • MathUSee - we didn't actually finish Delta (Kate) nor Gamma (Jack) by Thanksgiving, but we are SO close. Jack will finish Gamma this week, Kate should finish Delta next week.
  • Math Games - I don't know why this is so difficult for us to do! I think I save it for after we've done our core programs, and by then we never feel like more math
Language Arts 
  • Scribblers online writing class (Kate) - doing great with Poetry II class
  • Tutoring (Jack) - 3x/week - doing great
  • Increasing Fluency (Jack) - nada, not sure why I even purchased the workbook...
  • First Language Lessons Level 4 - ahead of schedule, finished lesson 34 before Thanksgiving
  • Grammarland - try to read over Thanksgiving - nope
  • SpellingUSee - we have been really good with this spelling program
  • AlphaBetter drills - nada
  • Using Picture Books to Teach Writing With Traits - nope
  • Reading - I didn't do a good job of organizing books on Kindle which means Kate still read a lot and Jack not so much
  • Audiobooks - Jack listens to more audiobooks than I can keep track of!
  • Comprehension/Vocabulary/Book Reports - EdHelper questions/worksheets as applicable to reading
  • Gratitude Journal - 3-4x/week. Jack is supposed to be writing the date and a complete sentence. I'm going to have Kate start writing a paragraph 2-3x/week about something she is grateful for - we did this about 2x/week
History/Social Studies/Geography/Biography/Religion/Literature/Art
  • Story of the World Vol I - through ch. 33
  • The Old Testament/Illustrated Jewish Bible for Children - read through Life in Egypt and start Life in Canaan - right on schedule
  • EHM's Storybook Artists - nope
  • Redo timeline wall - nope
  • Make poem memorization notebook - nope
  • Read A Children's Introduction to Poetry - nope
Science - uh, no to everything here
  • Physics - finish What's Physics All About? book, continue to work through experiments in physics workbook if we feel so inclined
  • Planet Earth test worksheets from Enchanted Homeschool Mom that we started last year  (maybe?)
  • Experiment with pH paper - we talked about pH levels in Yellowstone a lot
  • Denver Science Museum
  • Speech therapy (Jack) - 2x/week plus daily home practice - eh, pretty good, not great
  • CNN Student News - 3-4x/week - kids LOVE this! They know more about current events that I do!
  • - 3-4x/week - they also really like this, easy to accomplish daily
  • Keyboarding Without Tears - Level 3 - continue 3-4x/week - yes, progressing well
  • The Story of Stuff curriculum program - would like to do this leading up to the holidays - nope
  • Cursive Without Tears (Jack) - attempt at least 2x/week - yes
  • Latin (Kate) - 1-2 lessons/week - didn't feel like we did this a lot, but I bet we did at least one lesson/week
  • Raddish boxes - cooking plus other activities - yes, love these!
  • Homeschool Enrichment Program - weekly
  • Swim Team - 3-4x/week plus dry land training weekly
  • Volleyball - Kate - weekly
  • Lego Class - Jack - weekly
  • Soccer - Jack - weekly
  • Skiing - no skiing yet. soon
  • Field Trips - road trip to TX, ice skating in Dallas, I think that's it
  • I'm sure I'm missing something we did in Nov...

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