Sunday, December 28, 2014

Mini Goals For This Week

I'm bound and determined to use some of my down time this week to accomplish a few things. Here's my list for this week.
  1. Clean out email - get inbox down to a big fat 0 - at least for a few minutes
  2. Figure out New Years resolutions
  3. Clean out Jack's room
  4. Clean out Kate's room
  5. Clean out both bathrooms
  6. Clean out bedside table
  7. Figure out a space for a basket for dog toys/chews
  8. Email swim coach
  9. Finish Christmas cards
  10. Run 5 times
  11. Buy Breck presents
  12. Finish a little, homemade gift
  13. Ask feed store about chickens
  14. Do tennis schedule
  15. Email tennis coach

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