Monday, December 22, 2014

DayBook 12.22.14


Outside my window... woke up to a bit of snow on the ground. So pretty! But not cold. Temps hanging right around 30.

I am hearing... the furnace chugging away, the dogs eating breakfast kibble, and Oscar the cat occasionally hissing at Tripper from Oscar's perch on top of the pet food bin.

I am feeling... in the holiday spirit! Should be a nice week of celebrating

I am thinking... about all that I want to get done in the next few days
I am thankful for... my warm kitchen (even if it is lacking in counter space!)
From the kitchen... this kitchen is busy this week! I ran the dishwasher 3 (three!) times yesterday. Some neighbors dropped by for cookie making, and we got lots accomplished - fudge, marshmallow/cornflake wreaths, molasses spice cookies, lemon pistachio trees, and hibernating turtles (that's the name we've given to the Rolo/pretzel/pecan goodies). I also made cranberry sauce for the pork loin I'm making tonight and for muffins this week. Today we are making lefse, gingerbread house parts, and hopefully some more cookies (Grandma V's poppyseed cookies!). Then it's on to Christmas Eve and Christmas day menus.
I am wearing... PJs. Mismatched. Not very attractive, but quite comfy.
I am creating...  some projects with the kids. Jack has created a few fun gifts that I'll try to remember to share after they are given.
I am going... to make lefse today! Very excited.
I am reading... The Goldfinch. Still. But the end is in sight. I think I should finish by 2015.
I am hoping... that my dishwasher cleans dishes better. I pulled all the innards out yesterday, cleaned out the gunk from all the nozzles and nooks & crannies, and put it all back together (thankfully - I was a little worried I was in over my head!). Fingers crossed that it does the trick!

Around the house... it is a perfect cross between festive and out of control! Haven't finished painting the shelves (sometimes I take on too much!), the kitchen is piled with dirty dishes, and there are still gifts to be wrapped/sent all over the dining room table. But the tree is up and decorated (finally!) and the messes are just reminders of my blessings.

In the homeschool room... off for the next 2 weeks! (shhh! we are actually going to be doing some things, but the kids won't know it is school work)

How I'm exercising... I've been faithful about Pilates 2x/week and even went to a floor class at the new Athleta store on Saturday (I won a gift certificate!), and I was inspired by a friend to run Saturday afternoon (it was a great run!). Only one Pilates class this coming week but hoping get a few runs done.
Something that irks me... oh so much...
One of my favorite things... my Christmas clock that chimes a different carol each hour

A few plans for the next week: lefse making, Nutcracker performance, FIL arrives, Pilates class, a massage (oh! hear those angels singing about that!), gingerbread house decorating on Christmas Eve day, just family Christmas Eve complete with oyster stew & popovers, Christmas Day dinner at our house with friends

Here is a picture I am sharing: girls making wreath cookies yesterday

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