Monday, December 01, 2014

DayBook 12.1.14


Outside my window... snowing. And cold. When I opened the back door for Nina this morning, she took one step outside, paused, turned around and came right back inside!

I am hearing... the space heater warming our homeschool room, ticking of the clock in here, and Tripper gnawing on a rawhide at my feet.

I am feeling... hopeful. And a little overwhelmed and behind.

I am thinking... that I can't believe it is December 1st. And we are only a month away from 2015. 2015!?!
I am thankful for... our ability to celebrate the holidays as we want
From the kitchen... I'm having a nice, warm chai this morning. I don't usually indulge this early anymore, but it sounded heavenly on a chilly, Monday morning. Jack requested pancakes for breakfast this morning. I have no idea what we are going to eat the rest of this week. Will probably pull from the freezer. Definitely a chicken pot pie, maybe some chili. Or maybe we'll have pancakes all week.
I am wearing... a thick cable knit sweater and athletic bottoms and socks (cause I can't find my old slippers... thinking a puppy took off with them...)
I am creating...  I've been in and out of my sewing room. Working on a few different things. I have sewing ADD.
I am going... to be busy this week.
I am reading... The Goldfinch. Will be reading it for awhile.
I am hoping... that everything runs smoothly today

Around the house... my house feels a bit out of control right now. The dining room table is covered in gifts to be shipped out (hopefully this week!), my family room is in the middle of redecorating and looks awfully shabby (and it's only going to get worse when the two, big bookshelves arrive, and I start painting them!), the kitchen sitting area has puppy toys everywhere (and the rug is still rolled up to the side), and my kitchen seems to have random things everywhere. Blah.

In the homeschool room... back at it today.

How I'm exercising... I ran (ok, ran/walked) Saturday, had a tennis match yesterday, Pilates this morning, and I'll go for a run this afternoon (outside vs treadmill still TBD)
Something that irks me... half eaten apples left by children
One of my favorite things... the holidays

A few plans for the next week: mostly normal activities

Here is a picture I am sharing: boys fishing in my parents' backyard on Thanksgiving

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