Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Did you know that the Smoky Mountains is the salamander capital of the world? I didn't until I started researching our trip! So we decided it was appropriate to study salamanders.

After reading a bit about them, we went hunting after a picnic our first day in the park. Found nothing.

Fortunately Jack was gung-ho about our salamander hunt, and asked a ranger LOTS of questions about finding them. And find them we did! Most that we found were on our Grotto Falls hike, but we saw a few more out and about.
Little guy!
Grotto Falls
Lots of fallen tree climbing on this trip
The rain storms kept us from hiking as much as we wanted, so we didn't see as many as we hoped and never did find a brightly colored one. Next trip!

Homeschool resources we used to learn about salamanders...

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