Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Yellowstone National Park - Geysers and Such

After Grand Teton, we drove to Yellowstone and camped for 5 nights in Canyon. Since we started homeschooling, I've wanted to do a fall trip to Yellowstone to avoid the crowds (and if what we experienced was "not crowded," I'd hate to be there peak season!). We expected cool nights and warmer days, but what we got was record breaking cold nights and really cold days! We stayed bundled up for much of the trip.

I knew that there were geysers and boiling mud pots and such at Yellowstone, but I didn't realize how extensive all the geological features are. We got to see many of the major geysers - Grand, Daisy and of course, Old Faithful (x4). What an experience!

Grand Geyser interlude

Warming up in the steam
Terraces in Mammoth. It was really too cold to appreciate these, so...
on the coldest day, we hiked to Boiling River
and sat in the hot springs!
It was really cool to strip out of all our coats, sweaters and
long underwear and soak where the HOT water hits
the cold mountain stream

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