Wednesday, September 17, 2014

National Park Wildlife

I already showed you photos of the moose - by far our best animal encounter of the trip. We really wanted to see a wolf, but didn't get so lucky (may have been our early to bed/late to rise schedule). Also saw no bear which was okay since we see them in Colorado regularly. We also saw very few elk which was not only disappointing, but apparently they are usually difficult to avoid! We are fairly convinced it is because Matt almost hit one our first night in the Tetons… word got around to the herds to avoid us…

A few favorite photos. Be grateful that I'm not posting all bazillion that we took!
This friendly little guy was pretty funny!
He even hopped in my lap!
But we followed the rules, and did not feed him.
Supposed to be marmots living here.
Must have been too cold this day!
Loved the snow-dusted bison!
Three bison that we watched cross the river.
That was cool!
Then they came charging straight at us.
We got back in the car really quickly,
but we were amazed at the people who stayed out!
Kids watching a coyote stalk grasshoppers with
a gracious visitor's telescope
She even took a photo for us!
Coyotes aren't uncommon around home, but somehow
it felt more interesting in the park.
This is a bison herd fording the river. They are barely
visible in the photo, but it felt so close!

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