Monday, September 29, 2014

DayBook 9.29.14


Outside my window... sunny, cool and the clouds look to be building over the mountains. I should check the weather forecast.

I am hearing... kitchen clock ticking and some birds tweeting outside. Other than that it is blissfully quiet. Ah!

I am feeling... a bit disappointed. But that won't last long.

I am thinking... that maybe I shouldn't think so much.
I am thankful for... my cleaning lady. She's been away, and while I am perfectly able to clean my own house, I really prefer someone else doing it!
From the kitchen... homemade chicken noodle soup, taquitos, and leftover birthday cake over the weekend. Pumpkin waffles for breakfast - yum! We've also started apples and cheese (drunken goat last week) for snacks. It's my favorite snack but somehow feels wrong other times of the year. I want/need to make muffins today for our trip. And pull some things from the freezer to come along with us.
I am wearing... my old Patagonia PJ bottoms (that are starting to get too short but I love them) with a blue tshirt that I always pair with them and my oh-s0-horribly-bad-but-so-warm-and-comfy slippers.
I am creating... I am *thinking* about creating many things. I am mostly only creating messes.
I am going... on a road trip! I love road trips! So excited! Only 2 weeks this time, but we are going to see and do a lot in that short time.
I am reading... The Sports Gene which offers a differing view of the "10,000 hours of practice" model that has been written about so much. Interesting stuff. Just finished Take Me With You which I really loved. Not sure it is for everyone. I think the reason I liked it so much is that the setting is often in national parks so I could really picture the story. Also reading book #3 in the Vampire Academy series... sorta embarrassed to admit that...
I am hoping... that all puppies from the litter are already spoken for! Jack listened to Where the Red Fern Grows (and then we listened as a family), and since then has wanted a coon dog. You know, for all the coon hunting we do... :) Matt has wanted a second dog for years but I've always resisted since Nina Sprinkles is so darn easy. Even before the subject of coon dogs came up, I've been coming around to the idea of a dog that could handle more rough and tumble with Jack. After much research I decided that I love wire haired vizslas, but they don't seem easy to find. That's fine. Until Kate searched the internet this weekend and found a litter. Still not certain I'm ready for another dog, but we are going to inquire. We'll see...

Around the house... I've been changing around some of the decor. Pulled out some fall decorations, but I'll wait to decorate for Halloween until we get back from our trip. Went to buy a couch this weekend, but the furniture store has gone out of business. Not sure what we'll do now.

In the homeschool room... I don't know if we are doing too much or if we are being too lazy about getting work done, but we've gotten back into the "checklist" routine. I'm not going to worry about that until we get back from our trip. 

How I'm exercising... I did a hike/trail run this weekend with a friend that was great and made me feel motivated to start running again. I've been playing tennis multiple times a week. I've gone for a few runs, and it feels better but not yet great. I need to stretch! Everything from my belly button to my big toe is tight right now.
Something that irks me... gnats in the mouth while running
One of my favorite things... autumn!

A few plans for the next week: I have a tennis match and a haircut. Kids have there normal stuff the next few days. Then miles and miles in the car followed by a tour of Mammoth Cave, a few ranger programs in the Smoky Mountains, some hiking, some sightseeing, and whatever else comes our way!

Here is a picture I am sharing: Obvious sibling response to Kate's chalkboard quote...

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