Monday, September 15, 2014

DayBook 9.15.14


Outside my window... crisp, cool morning. Clear sky. Going to be beautiful. Going to be difficult to stay inside and homeschool.

I am hearing... highway noise. We usually don't hear it much, but there must be something about today.

I am feeling... a bit tired. A bit overwhelmed. A bit motivated to get it all done.

I am thinking... a lot about the balance between supporting a child in reaching their potential and how much that should affect the rest of life or rather your vision for your life.
I am thankful for... almost 42 spins around the sun
From the kitchen... I have NO IDEA what we are going to eat this week. We need to use up some meat that defrosted during camping. Will probably keep it simple. Spaghetti, ham and peas with pesto pasta, grilled chicken, and a smoked salmon pasta.
I am wearing... haven't really gotten dressed for the day. Athletic pants, black wool t-shirt that I've worn for too many days, a black cardigan, and my ratty slippers. It's my I-might-look-homeles-but-I'm-comfy look.
I am creating... nothing! I feel like I might never make it back into my sewing room! Hoping it was just a summer break and that cooler weather will find me sewing more often.
I am going... to run errands today. Costco, library, grocery.
I am reading... #2 in the Vampire Academy series. These really aren't great books. And I'll probably read them all! I also have finished the first two books in the Fifty Shades series. I was NOT going to read them, but then I did. So trashy... and I'll finish that series also!
I am hoping... for beautiful autumn weather the next couple months.

Around the house... always in process. Still recovering from unloading the car yesterday. Laundry will probably take a week to catch up. And I think I'm ready to pull the trigger on a new couch. Might go take a look at fabric samples again this week.

In the homeschool room... back to the routine today. Still haven't started on some curriculum that I ordered through our homeschool program. Should get that Wednesday. Fun subjects include Old Testament, Wild West, wolves and illustrator Quentin Blake.

How I'm exercising... I think I over committed to tennis this fall. Oops! This week is back to running and strength training.
Something that irks me... kids. Love 'em, but sometimes...
One of my favorite things... cool weather camping

A few plans for the next week: did I mention I overcommitted to tennis? I have 5 matches this week! Kids start back with swim team practice. We have a homeschool outing to a historical house nearby. Plus I have a friends-with-birthdays-in-September dinner celebration. 

Here is a picture I am sharing: Kids on first day of homeschool program a couple weeks ago

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