Sunday, August 17, 2014

Homeschool Plan for August

Want to get a lot of reading done this month! I predict a lot of time at the park, reading on a blanket. My favorite. I'm also going to use the next couple weeks to fine tune the kids' daily to-do lists.

  • KhanAcademy - watch multiplication/division videos & work on some problems as review
  • Calculadder - Jack Level 2, Kate Level 6 - drills 4-5x/week and just see how we progress
  • Life of Fred - Matt is going to start with the 2nd reading of Edgewood, then we'll start Farming (I had intended to continue to read this series all summer, but life happens...)
Language Arts 
  • Scribblers online writing class (Kate)
  • Tutoring (Jack)
  • Increasing Fluency (Jack) - one lesson/week
  • First Language Lessons Level 3 - letter writing lessons
  • AlphaBetter drills - 2-3x/week
  • Using Picture Books to Teach Writing With Traits - review intro/authors, then complete lessons in Ch. 1 Inspiring Ideas
  • Reading - Jack should finish current Galaxy Zach #8 book, then start MTH Pirates Past Noon; Kate should finish The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls then start Summer of the Monkeys or The Capture depending on what is available from library on Kindle
  • Gratitude Journal - decorate new journal, review plans for journal (by the end of last year, our gratitude journal sorta became something to be checked off the list - this year I'd like the kids to take a little more time by illustrating or decorating each page)
History/Social Studies/Geography/Biography/Religion/Literature/Art
  • Story of the World Vol I - ch 20-22 plus coordinating books, videos & activities related to Odysseus, Greece, King Midas, etc.
  • The Old Testament - Bible beginnings & the Patriarchs - The Illustrated Jewish Bible for Children p.10-65, What's In the Bible? Vol I-II videos, some library picture books, fun movies, etc. (this seems like a lot, but we've already studied most of these Bible stories, just want to reinforce some of it)
  • EHM's Storybook Artists - Quentin Blake
  • Where the Red Fern Grows (finish this audiobook and do literature guide study)
  • Listen to Rascal audiobook - literature review, EdHelper questions & vocabulary
  • Summer of the Monkeys RA for Jack & Matt - literature review, EdHelper questions & vocabulary
  • Listen to Wind in the Willows audiobook (Kate, maybe a 2nd listen for Jack) - EdHelper questions & vocabulary
  • Listen to The Capture audiobook (Jack)
  • Physics - finish What's Physics All About? book, work through experiments in physics workbook
  • Animals - quick study on raccoons (related to Where the Red Fern Grows)
  • Speech therapy (Jack)
  • Piano - discuss options
  • Keyboarding Without Tears - Level 3 - have no idea how fast we'll progress through this...
  • Cursive Without Tears (Jack) - start where he left off p. 36 - 3-4 pages/week
  • Latin (Kate) - Start Lesson 1 (thinking 1 lesson/week?)
  • Secret Millionaires Club videos (10 lessons in August?)
  • GCF Technology Videos (10 lessons in August?)
  • Field Trips - Florrissant Fossil Beds NM, Ghost Town, USA Pro Challenge, SkySox game, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Bass Pro Shop

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