Monday, August 18, 2014

DayBook 8.18.14


Outside my window... is just right! Clear and a lovely temperature. If it gets pretty warm today, we might head down to a park fountain this afternoon.

I am hearing... the dryer running, beans simmering on the stove, and the cat chasing a fly.

I am feeling... pretty excited to get back to a sorta-routine starting today. While do-nothing days usually refresh me, it seems that if I have too many of them (say, 2 months in summer...), then I get absolutely nothing accomplished and feel like a slug. Seems I do best with a loose schedule or travel.

I am thinking... about this blog post. Absolutely using their wording... I've felt some resistance to what-is in my life building up in the last week, and I needed the reminder that right now is a necessary step in my journey. I'm usually pretty good about being present, so I need to get back there. Hoping getting back to my meditation routine helps. I think I'll also do a gratitude journal along with the kids.
I am thankful for... the opportunity to homeschool these kiddos.
From the kitchen... black beans and rice (topped with sprouts, pico de gallo, avocado and sour cream. Yum!) for dinner tonight. I think I'll make a ham this week for sandwiches, pasta and soup. And lots of sweet corn.
I am wearing... grungy clothes. Usually I try to look somewhat decent even in my lounge clothes. This is flat out, bad, SAHM outfit. Shower to happen soon.
I am creating... still working on that darn baby quilt, or rather, NOT working on that baby quilt. I gotta figure out a better way to fit in creative time.
I am going... out to breakfast.
I am reading... just finished up a bunch. See my GoodReads if you really want to know. Currently reading Flora & Ulysses (children's chapter book). Not sure what I'm going to start next.
I am hoping... that I survive the tween years!

Around the house... pretty good. Did I mentioned that I painted our dining-turned-family room in June? Now I'm ready to get serious about finishing things up in there. That means some new furniture, new rug and getting some art on the walls.

In the homeschool room... getting started today! By going out to breakfast then Costco then the library... :) We'll ease into work this week.

How I'm exercising... I don't know if I mentioned that I was even thinking about it, but now I'm un-thinking a half marathon in Sept. Blah. I haven't run since we got back from Michigan last week. Blah. I have played a little tennis. Not much tennis scheduled this week, so I'll get out for runs. I also need new running shoes.
Something that irks me... fruit flies! We've avoided them all summer by keeping the compost in the fridge, but then BAM! we suddenly had zillions of them over the weekend. I've pretty much cleaned them out with my apple cider/funnel trap, but there are still a few stragglers...
One of my favorite things... blueberry picking!

A few plans for the next week: this week is mostly plan-free! We'll go the US Pro Challenge events Thursday plus we have an outing to Ghost Town with our fun homeschool group. Also thinking I'll take the kids to the park at least once and maybe Bass Pro Shop if the weather turns.

Here is a picture I am sharing: Later...

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