Sunday, July 06, 2014

To Do List 7.6.14

Thought I might get back to my To Do list, because it makes me feel somewhat accountable if I put it out on my blog. So here is what I want/need to get accomplished this week (in addition, of course, to all the normal family to do's).
  1. Finish quilting baby quilt
  2. Cut off old jeans and stitch edges
  3. Put away Fourth of July decorations
  4. Clean out pantry
  5. Hang art in family room
  6. Box up Zappos return
  7. Drop off Zappos return box at UPS
  8. Hang clock in mountain home
  9. Spray paint little skier statue
  10. Hang art in guest room
  11. Make daily to do list for kids
  12. Returns to Banana Republic & DSW
  13. Schedule horse back riding trail ride for Kate and me
  14. Library returns/checkouts
  15. Pay tutor
  16. Figure out outdoor movie stuff
  17. Make eye doctor appointment
  18. Balance household budget
  19. Look at SLC activities
  20. Clean up homeschool room (even just a 15 minute declutter twice this week!)

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