Thursday, June 05, 2014

More Hawaii Photos

Just a few favorites and ones that remind me of fun times.
Cracking macadamia nuts
Kate could have cracked nuts all day
Pretty, natural beach
(can't remember the name)
Sunset Beach...
at sunset
Cute Jack smile at U of H
(he really liked that little bird)
Amazing hike along amazing beach
Does it get better than this?
There were crabs and sea cucumbers and starfish
and maybe something else I can't remember along that reef
Big waves
Surprise wave at Kaena Point 
Can you see the two monk seals on the rocks?
Lots o' crabs!
Kaena Point hike
Lava demo at the Bishop museum
Kate & Nene 
Jack really enjoyed Pearl Harbor
Bellows Beach
Lovin' the waves

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