Monday, June 23, 2014

DayBook 6.23.14


Outside my window...  dark and rainy and deliciously cool. I don't even know what the weather is like tomorrow.

I am feeling... a bit wound up. I always feel like that when I play tennis in the evening. It's past my bedtime, everyone else is in bed, but I've got energy that makes it impossible to sleep. I've had a little melatonin, currently drinking some chamomile tea while I type, and planning on meditating in a few minutes.

I am thinking... I was having some profound thoughts earlier... now I can't even remember what they were...
I am thankful for... rain.
From the kitchen... I made chicken pot pie filling today but ran out of flour for the crusts. That certainly put a damper on my big dinner plans! But now I have dinner figured out for tomorrow. I've also been loving these breakfast egg salad muffin melts (I add green onions also!) fixed in the toaster oven that was a gift from my mom (admittedly to Matt for Father's Day, but I think I'm reaping more of the benefits!). Still working on using up pantry and freezer items. Making slow progress.
I am wearing... a dark grey tennis skirt, a citron colored athletic top (that transitioned nicely from running to tennis) and my grey running hat (that I love!). And tennis shoes.
I am creating... a baby quilt. I love the top but the quilting is driving me crazy. I'm going to unstitch a bit tomorrow, and hopefully finish this week!
I am going... to get my hair cut. I love getting my hair cut!
I am reading... I've finished several books since the last time I did this (see Goodreads if you are interested). The Social Animal which is okay. Also listening to Daring Greatly as an audiobook. Really good, but I can only process it a bit at a time. I'm one page into Blue Like Jazz. I need a good fiction novel.
I am hoping... for a good night's sleep. I've been really tired lately.

I am hearing... grackles all. day. long. Makes me want to get out my BB gun and shoot at 'em! But right now I only hear the dishwasher.

Around the house... the house is running so smoothly right now. I painted my dining-turned-family room a few weeks ago. Still need to hang artwork and such. We have a lot to get done on the outside. We got hit with a massive hail storm (seriously, I've never seen hail that big! It was crazy!) and need a new roof and paint job. Thank goodness for insurance!

In the homeschool room... mostly on summer break. A little math about twice a week, still daily reading, and Kate starts an online writing club studying Charlotte's Web in a few weeks. I need to get into the homeschool room to clean/organize and start planning for next year. 

How I'm exercising... running, tennis, strength training. All three have had their ups and downs lately, but I'm in a pretty good routine now. My lower back is sore today which means I'm doing too much of the previous and not enough stretching and yoga. My goal tomorrow is to do a decent amount of stretching. Maybe I'll even do some tonight.
Something that irks me... gnats. And fruit flies!!
One of my favorite things... Desert Pepper Black Bean, Corn and Red Pepper Salsa. I think I would die without it.

A few plans for the next week: Invisible Fence guy coming to fix what the tree pulled out, a playdate, a birthday party, a swim meet, a bar mitzvah, and our normal swim practice/tennis/tutoring kind of stuff.

Here is a picture I am sharing: look at these owls from my run today. I think that one with his wings spread was a juvenile. He looked a little fuzzy and wasn't very balanced on the branch. I actually thought he was a monkey at first glance! You know, because monkeys are so common in Colorado...

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