Wednesday, June 04, 2014

DayBook 6.4.14


Outside my window... beautiful morning. Sun is shining, not a cloud in the sky, the peak still has some snow, but everything in my back yard is green.

I am feeling... better.

I am thinking... about my to do list and where to start (which is one of the reasons I'm blogging... procrastinating on the to do list. And putting off my run.)
I am thankful for... a good night sleep.
From the kitchen... worked in the kitchen yesterday in what seemed like the first time in forever! Made myself a beet salad for lunch and Greek salad pasta (recipe stolen from my friend Elizabeth) for our dinner. I have another roasted beet, so I'll make myself beet salad for lunch again today. Want to empty the freezer, so in a bit I'll pull something out for dinner tonight. Maybe a pork loin?
I am wearing... running clothes. I figure if I put them on, I'm more likely to go. Even if I don't feel like it.
I am creating... I need to get busy on some quilting projects! Maybe I'll do a WIP blog post soon.
I am going... to stay home for a bit. It feels good to have not much on the horizon for awhile.
I am reading... I'm sorta between books right now... so unlike me! (I really need to gather all my unfinished books and get those done) I am listening to the audiobook of Lying. Short and sweet but so far seems worthwhile.
I am hoping... to cuddle a newborn baby soon.

I am hearing... the grackles squawking  at the cats outside.

Around the house... I picked up a paint sample and put it up on the walls of my dining room turned family room. I think I like it. The plan is to start painting next week (just don't have it in me this week)

In the homeschool room... I have no idea where we are with homeschooling right now. I need to figure out our summer plan. And blog about it for a little accountability.

How I'm exercising... not crazy regularly lately. Been active, but too much travel has been tough on the exercise routine. Tennis is picking up, trying to motivate myself back to running regularly, but I have been good about strength training 1-2x/week.

Something that irks me... cats that eat baby birds. Grrr...
One of my favorite things... cast iron anything.

A few plans for the next week: slow week, in a good way. Really not much planned which has been a blessing.

Here is a picture I am sharing: phone and laptop aren't syncing right now, and I don't feel like dealing with it... blah...

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