Friday, April 04, 2014

Day in My Life

Haven't done this for awhile. Always good for me to do when I start wondering where my time goes and why I'm getting nothing accomplished. This was yesterday...

5:25AM Wake naturally (that's not usual!), look outside to check for snow (it's gorgeous!), text friend about planned run, decide together to go despite the snow, read blog/news on my phone until I'm ready to get out of my warm bed
5:45 Get out of bed, turn on shower for Matt, get dressed, brush teeth, etc.
6AM Go downstairs, grab frozen banana muffin and warm in microwave, go crazy looking for hat & gloves for running, write note for kids in case they get up early, get outside, eat muffin and take in the amazing snow scene while walking to friend's house (ok, maybe I also ate a little snow also...)
6:15 Run a few soggy miles with friend
7:05 Back at home, snuggle with Jack & give him his clothes to "warm up under the covers," make sure Kate is awake & help her pick out clothes, make French toast for breakfast, holler at kids to come down and eat and don't forget socks, eat breakfast, talk about Photoshop and plastic surgery with kids (based on fashion magazine ad and article I'm reading), get everyone fully dressed and out the door and into the car (including Nina!)
7:45 Drive kids to homeschool program while listening to audiobook, drop off kids for standardized testing, chat with Matt quickly on the way home, marvel at how beautiful the snow is, snuggle with Nina at stoplights
8:15 Arrive home, feel grateful that I filled the chicken feeders last night so I don't have to trudge out there this morning, make tea, check calendar and to do list, finish reading magazine article, and sit down to work on computer - check email, blog, do some homeschool documentation & prep, look for a birthday present, catch up on swim team stuff, pay bills, do some banking, do some tax tasks, renew car registrations, all kinds of fun stuff...
10AM Take shower, get dressed quickly, and put on hat because ran out of time to dry hair
10:20 Race out of house, pick up kids from standardized testing, drive home while listening to audiobook
10:50 Arrive home, get kids set up for homeschool work, have popcorn and tea for snack
10:55 Call into conference call energy class (kids did homeschool work and ate lunch)
12:35PM Finish class call, spend a little time looking at hair headband tutorials, then run around crazy trying to gather things for going to the mountains, doing all kinds of random things, checking homeschool work, making to do list for tomorrow, answering a few emails, cleaning up the house, empty fridge, pack car, chase cats inside, etc, etc. (I took a little tea break in there also! But as I write, I don't think I ate lunch. Not good.)
2:05 Load everyone (including Nina) in the car and head out, talk to a friend on the phone while driving
2:20 Fill up with gas and shop at Costco. 2 for 2 on the sample to purchase ratio (tangerine juice and quinoa salad)
2:50 Leave Costco, head towards the mountains, call Matt, talk to another friend for a bit, listen to and finish our audiobook on the drive
5:05 Arrive in mountains, unload car with help from kids, pull hamburger out of the freezer to defrost for dinner, put away groceries
5:20 Take a short, unsuccessful nap (noisy kids)
5:35 Quick visit with newly widowed neighbor
5:45 Make dirty rice for dinner while kids watch a 7 Wonders of the World DVD
6:15 Serve up dinner
6:45 Read books to Jack while he eats a 2nd helping and Kate showers
7:15 Randomly surf internet while Jack fixes himself a bowl of strawberries
7:30 Continue reading to Jack, and Kate joins us after shower
8PM Send kids up to get ready for and into bed
8:20 Talk to Matt on phone
8:30 Snuggle and tuck kids in (they are both in my bed!)
8:45 Tidy kitchen
8:50 Call up to kids that I don't want to hear anything else or they are going to their own beds!
8:55 Feed Nina (bit late - oops!), make tea, fix myself a bowl of strawberries, think about all the chores/correspondence/dishes/etc. that needs to be done, choose to ignore it all, sit down in front of the fireplace with my tea and strawberries (and maybe a chocolate cookie!) and read
9:30 Get distracted thinking about craft project, look up supplies online, realize the store is outside of Denver, mentally plan a trip there for supplies this next week
9:55 Let Nina out, clean up dishes, plug in computer to charger, let Nina in
10PM Go upstairs, brush teeth, wash face, etc.
10:10 Move Jack over in bed, climb in, help Nina up into bed, read
10:25 Turn out light and go to sleep

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