Monday, April 07, 2014

April Homeschool Plan

How are we so far into April already?!? I'm feeling ready to be done with our "formal" homeschool programs like grammar and math, so we can focus more on fun stuff  like history and science (fun for me anyway!).

  • Math U See - Jack will continue Gamma at a slower pace since he is starting multiple number multiplication; Kate will continue Delta at a steady pace. Goal to finish both programs by "summer break"
  • Flashmaster - attempt daily practice
  • Life of Fred -  finish 2nd reading of Dogs and start Edgewood
  • K5 Math - daily and only as a supplement since it comes bundled with the reading/spelling
  • Math Games - goal of 3x/week - going to put specific games on specific days for our homeschool lists
Language Arts
  • First Language Lessons 3 - finish main lessons and dictionary skills this month; maybe finish letter writing lessons
  • Writing With Ease 3 - continue 2-4 lessons/week
  • Online Grammar/Writing class (Kate) - start in mid-April
  • Leap Write In! - Kate will continue this until online class starts
  • Tutoring (Jack) - 2-3x/week
  • Increasing Fluency (Jack) - start Grade 3 workbook
  • Daily Reading Comprehension - might drop back a little with this. Feels a little too much like busy work
  • Spelling City (Jack) lists via tutor
  • K5 Spelling (Kate) - daily lessons
  • K5 Reading - daily lessons for both, this is independent work
  • Cursive - Kate will continue to work through Cursive Writing Practice:Inspiring Quotes workbook, Jack will continue Handwriting Without Tears Cursive
  • Read, Write, Type program (Jack) - start a second time
  • Keyboarding (Kate) - practice 3-4x/week
  • Sentence Family & Grammarland & The Giggly Guide to Grammar - no plans for these this month, but want to keep them on as I'll use a few next month
  • Assigned reading - Kate has started The Four Story Mistake, then I think I'll have her start the Little House series. We read some aloud, but that was years ago. Jack will continue the Stink series since he really likes it. He's reading faster now, so I need to come up with a next set of books!
  • Audiobook - continue Narnia series. Finish The Silver Chair and start A Horse and His Boy (also continue working through Roar! book). Will probably have Jack listen to Little House series.
  • Using Picture Books to Teach Writing With the Traits K-2- start and see how we do
  • What's Physics All About - continue to read and supplement with library books
  • Amazing Science DVD experiments
  • Planet Earth Encyclopedia with EHM's Science Chapter Tests
  • Animal studies. We did this almost 2 years ago, and I'd love to do it again this spring. I'll pick ducks and chickens and let kids pick others to study.
History/Social Studies
  • History of the World - Moving on to the Greeks! We'll be here for awhile. Will supplement with enormous amounts of books/DVDs from library
  • Bible stories - as they fit in with other studies
  • Geography - going to start state studies as we travel to them. New Mexico and Texas for April
  • Pearl Harbor - learn about it to prep for our next Hawaii trip (!!)
  • C.S. Lewis - mostly done, but will explore as we discover new resources
  • Mayans - online Minecraft homeschool class starts this month plus Denver Science Museum exhibit (and wishful thinking... a trip to see Mayan ruins? Not in April!)
  • Easter something or other
Physical Fitness 
  • Swim Team - 2-3x/week
  • Volleyball (Kate) weekly
  • Basketball (Jack) weekly
  • Ski School - final lesson of the year already done last week
  • Hiking - hopefully lots!
  • Couch to 5K - definitely going to start back up with running this month!
Art/Home Ec
  • Baking/Sewing- nothing formal
  • Knitting (Kate) - want to take Kate down to the local yarn shop to find her a mentor but will probably hold off until after spring travels
  • Storybook Artist Unit Studies by Enchanted Homeschool Mom - Eric Carle is next, then maybe Tomie dePaola?
  • Gratitude Journal - daily - yes
  • Iowa Test of Basic Skills for both kids - already done last week!
  • Playful eLearning courses 
  • Travel - road trip to Dallas to see family and some stops along the way
  • Field Trips - plan to see White Sands National Monument, maybe Carlsbad Caverns National Park, and maybe something in Dallas while we are there
  • Homeschool program - weekly (math, language arts, art, history, science, technology)
  • Speech Therapy (Jack) - 2x/week (loving the speech therapy!); Articulation app on iPad on non ST days

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