Saturday, March 01, 2014

Homeschool Plan - March

I have no idea what is going to happen in March. We have lots of visitors coming, lots of skiing planned, and maybe impromptu trip to somewhere fun (no idea where yet!). I'd like to keep my focus on keeping schooling slower and more intentional. To be honest, I've only done okay since I wrote that a few weeks ago.  That's okay, we are getting there. I'm feeling really good about where we are academically (math is on track, grammar will finish up early), so I think I can afford to mentally ease up a bit the next few months.

  • Math U See - Jack will continue Gamma (again with a focus on memorizing math facts, not on getting through lessons); Kate will continue with the goal of finishing up Delta by "summer break" (whenever we decide that is!)
  • Flashmaster - continue to use daily
  • Life of Fred -  should finish first reading of Dogs, and get close to finishing 2nd reading (with Matt)
  • Math Games - Going to try for a math game at least 3x/week
  • Teaching Textbooks & IXL - still as backup if we need it, may have kids do some over summer or if we travel
Language Arts
  • First Language Lessons 3 - will finish main lessons this month and start dictionary skills lessons
  • Writing With Ease 3 - continue 2-4 lessons/week
  • Online Grammar/Writing class (Kate) - ends this month, will start new class in April
  • Professor Grammar's Punctuation Packets workbook (Kate) - finish
  • Tutoring (Jack) - 2-3x/week
  • Increasing Fluency (Jack) - complete Grade 2 and start Grade 3
  • Daily Reading Comprehension - complete 5 lessons each week
  • Spelling City (Jack) lists via tutor, Kate may do a little if she wants
  • Spelling Workout C (Kate) - this is probably too easy for her, but we'll work through it anyway and at a fast speed
  • Cursive - Kate will continue to work through Cursive Writing Practice:Inspiring Quotes workbook, Jack will continue Handwriting Without Tears Cursive
  • Read, Write, Type program (Jack) - complete a second time
  • Keyboarding (Kate) - practice 3-4x/week
  • Sentence Family & Grammarland & The Giggly Guide to Grammar - might do Grammarland if we travel or when visitors here, others saving for later
  • Assigned reading - Kate will finish up The Giver in the next couple days, Jack will continue with books in Stink series. Also plan to read (listen for Jack) to The Moffats and The Four Story Mistake. There are some others I've also reserved at the library for Kate. Too many books on our want-to-read list...
  • Audiobook - continue to work our way through the Narnia series, will finish The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, should start and finish The Silver Chair
  • Using Picture Books to Teach Writing With the Traits K-2- (I'm editing this post to add this!) I can't remember where I heard about this resource, but I ordered a used copy off Amazon because it sounded interesting. It came yesterday, and I looked at it for the first time this afternoon. We are definitely going to start this curriculum. So excited! I love picture books!
  • What's Physics All About - continue to read and supplement with library books
  • Brain study - maybe
  • Science packets - maybe
History/Social Studies
  • History of the World - will stop for a bit to read bunches of supplemental library books on Nebuchadnezzar, Daniel and the Lions' Den, Persian tales, seven wonders of the world, Jonah and the Whale, etc. If we get through all that, we'll start into the Greeks
  • Bible stories - see above plus whatever we come across related to Narnia series
  • Geography - probably just our games & puzzles, may start state capitals with the kids
  • C.S. Lewis - continue to read from all of our resources
  • Maybe Sir Isaac Newton, Einstein if they come up
  • St. Patrick's Day/Ireland/Celts or something or other related?
Physical Fitness 
  • Swim Team - 2-3x/week
  • Volleyball (Kate) weekly 
  • Basketball (Jack) weekly
  • Ski School - as we can, lots of blackout dates in March
  • Hiking - really want to get out there while it is nice
  • Couch to 5K - will restart as weather permits
Art/Home Ec
  • Baking - really want to formalize this
  • Sewing - really need to clean the sewing room and then formalize this
  • Knitting (Kate) - we may have lost interest. I need to decide if I should encourage it or not.
  • Architecture class online - start back at class 3
  • Storybook Artist Unit Studies by Enchanted Homeschool Mom - starting with Mitsumasa Anno (SO excited about this!!)
  • Meditation - 2-3x/week - have a few CDs from the library to help us out
  • Gratitude Journal - daily
  • ITBS workbook 3 (Jack)  2-3x/week just for test practice
  • French (Kate) - French club weekly
  • Playful eLearning courses 
  • Travel - to mountains for skiing, maybe someplace else fun for spring break?
  • Field Trips - gotta get out more! Zoo! Science museum! National Sites!
  • Homeschool program - weekly (math, language arts, art, history, science, technology)
  • Speech Therapy (Jack) - 2x/week

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Linda said...

Your idea to take March as it comes is a good one! We have been trying to get my daughter all in the same grade. She is in Time4Learning High School for some courses, Life of Fred Algebra, and some middle school courses still. I'm hoping to have her all in 8th or 9th grade courses by end of May. I still have to remember that we keep our time frame, not the public school time frame, and it is ok to work at our "homeschool pace". Glad to see other homeschoolers are doing the same!