Friday, March 28, 2014

DayBook 3.28.14


Outside my window... up in the mountains. Snowy. Overcast. I can only see the tops of the trees as most of the window is still blocked by snow.

I am feeling... pretty down. My neighbor up here in the mountains unexpectedly died this morning. He was a friendly, great guy and will be missed, but I am really feeling his wife's pain right now.

I am thinking... how people can be having such a struggle, and the rest of the world seems to be oblivious. I've pondered this multiple times over the last few months, and how important it is for us to give grace to everyone around us. How often am I the one oblivious to someone else's struggle?
I am thankful for... the friends I know I can call when I need them.
From the kitchen... nothing fancy. Banana muffins a couple days ago. Taquitos from the freezer last night for dinner. I had a yummy noodles and a kale salad from the prepackaged area of the grocery store for lunch. Spaghetti tonight. Might also make flatbread pizzas with the friends coming up for the weekend.
I am wearing... workout clothes. I need a shower and then I might put on my PJs. Who cares that it will only be mid-afternoon!
I am creating... I finished up those few quilts and have taken a little break. I'll start something this coming week. I might crochet a little this weekend.
I am going... to buy plane tickets to a tropical location. Woohoo!
I am reading... A Winter's Tale. Still. And one from the library called Faith. Also ave a pile of half read books. I'm hoping to get a bunch of those finished over Easter break.
I am hoping... that spring comes quick. I really enjoyed our snowy winter, but I'm ready now for consistently warm weather (but with lots of moisture!)

I am hearing... quiet! Just the flames in the fireplace.

Around the house... the mountain house is driving me CRAZY because it is all out of order. Not that I usually care that much about disorder, but this is crossing over to chaotic. Hoping Matt will give me a weekend up here this spring to clean out.

In the homeschool room... we've basically had three weeks of spring break around here where we've gone pretty easy on the schoolwork. On the flip side, the kids haven't had a full week off school either like we'd have in public school. Today Jack is in ski school and will do a placement assessment for a new online program we are trying. Kate gets a bigger break since she has a friend with her, but that friend likes writing, so I'll probably give them a writing assignment when they get back from skiing/snowboarding.

How I'm exercising... Did a little treadmill this morning. The treadmill takes concentration for me, and I just couldn't keep it up today. Instead I got on a reclining bike where I could just veg out and watch TV.

Something that irks me... that someone (don't know who!) took my iPhone charger when staying in our mountain place several weeks ago. Of course, I'm sure it wasn't intentional, but I only have the one and don't want to buy another. Blah.

One of my favorite things... police officers

A few plans for the next week: a girlfriend in the mountains with me this weekend (Matt has to work), tennis season kick off, early morning run with a running partner I haven't seen in forever, my sister's birthday, standardized testing for the kids, haircut, plus all the normal stuff

Here is a picture I am sharing: another one from the Sand Dunes. Such a cool place.

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