Saturday, January 18, 2014

Resolutions Mid-Month Update

  1. FinanceJanuary Focus: No Amazon purchases! This has been a much more interesting and a much more difficult practice than I expected. But I'm doing it, I've learned a lot about purchasing habits, and it is getting easier as the month goes.
  2. HomeJanuary Focus: Kate's room It's looking so good! Hoping to get things hung up on the wall this week, and we'll be pretty close to calling it done.
  3. Photos: January Focus: January photos and research storage options Haven't done a single thing with photos... that stinks...
  4. CreativeJanuary Focus: Kate's Mermaid Quilt Proving that getting a little bit done here and there is a great way to get a lot done. Finished the quilting. Plan to do cut and sew binding this week.
  5. Health/FitnessJanuary Focus: Yoga I did so great doing yoga daily until the holidays ended and we got back to daily life. I've struggled since, but I feel like I have good friend support. Going to try a new time of day this week.
  6. Mind/Spiritual/SoulJanuary Focus: Meditation Again, I did great over the holidays, then just so-so.  I've done much better again this week.

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