Friday, January 10, 2014

Kate's Room

First, I'd like to say that this week has STUNK for my resolutions. After almost a month of mostly fun, "real life" hit me like anvil this week. Oh, well. I handled it and will do better next week. But blah! Moving on...

I've already said that Kate's room is my January Home focus. I actually started working on her room right after Christmas. The girl and I have had polar opposite thoughts on paint colors for quite awhile.

Kate wanted the brightest, most obnoxious turquoise/teal color you can imagine.

I wanted white.

After I painted the guest room last summer, we came closer to a compromise. Kate agreed to white walls and I agreed to an aqua ceiling. However, the intensity of the ceiling color was still being debated. (Lesson learned: only offer color choices that you are willing to use!) Regardless of disagreements, it was time to just get going.

We had the old plaster walls repaired while we were in Hawaii, and I started painting the white walls the day after Christmas. I also got some samples that I thought we might both like for the ceiling, and fortunately we both agreed fairly quickly on the same color. The walls and ceilings are done (I'm loving painting things myself... I'd forgotten how meditative it is!). I'm also doing some other fun painting in there.

The rest of the room should come together fairly easily now. I'm not big on "themed" rooms, but I do like to work from some sort of concept. For Kate's room we are going for a bit of an ocean/mermaid/swim feel which is just perfect. We are trying to use what we already have for the bigger items in the room, but we did a big IKEA run for accessories. Plus I've ordered some fun artwork off Etsy. I think we'll do a girls' shopping trip to Target this week.

Here's the list of what I want to accomplish in her room:
  1. Paint Ceiling
  2. Paint Walls
  3. Paint trim
  4. Paint closet doors
  5. Move up old desk from basement
  6. Clear out old bookcase and move
  7. Move bookshelves (paint?)
  8. Get bean bag or chair with canopy (not sure if this will fit...)
  9. Bedside & desk lamps
  10. Curtains (current vs others I have vs something new) & new hardware
  11. New bedspread
  12. Buy/make throw pillows for bed
  13. Clean out closet and organize
  14. Clean out dresser and organize
  15. Clean out under bed and organize
  16. Desk accessories
  17. Rug?
  18. Print photos
  19. Get frames for artwork/photos
  20. Hang artwork/frames
  21. Find mermaid bookends purchased last year
  22. Paint door hooks and hang on both closet and room doors
  23. Paint "KATE" letters
  24. Get a plant (but we might get a second one)
  25. Add high shelf to closet
  26. Hang mirror
  27. Hang hooks for jewelry
  28. Get an alarm clock
  29. Figure out music storage (can not believe we are at this stage in life...)
  30. Mermaid needlepoint (doubtful to happen this month but maybe...)
I'm sure I'm leaving out many things. I'll show photos when it is all done. Hopefully in the next couple weeks!

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