Friday, January 31, 2014

January Homeschool Review

January felt pretty good for core academics. Sorta excited to do this review to see where we actually ended up.

  • Math U See - Kate finished Gamma and has completed through Delta Unit I test, and Jack as completed through Gamma Unit II test. Feeling really good with both of those.
  • Times Tales - slowed down on this as both kids know all the "stories" really well now.
  • Flashmaster - This has been great. Going to continue to use it for all math facts
  • IXL - none. Moving to back burner for if/when we burn out on other math programs
  • Life of Fred - a little slow this month. Matt is doing the 2nd reading of Cats with the kids and through Ch.11
  • Math It game - played a few times. Flashmaster has mostly taken over.
  • Teaching Textbooks - None. on the back burner for if/when we burn out on other math programs
Language Arts
  • First Language Lessons 3 - finished through lesson 62 and oral usage lesson 3
  • Writing With Ease 3 - through week 10
  • Online Grammar/Writing class (Kate) - on second week and doing well
  • Professor Grammar's Punctuation Packets workbook (Kate) - off & on with these assignments as it is usually the first thing I let go when we feel overloaded. On p. 35
  • Tutoring (Jack) - 2-3x/week - going great, Jack adores this tutor
  • Increasing Fluency 2 (Jack) - finished lesson 13, a little slower than planned
  • Improve Reading & Writing Skills Workbook (Jack) - nope
  • Daily Reading Comprehension - some, just not daily...
  • Sequential Spelling (Kate) none, doing Spelling City instead. Kate is currently working on spelling all the states
  • Tutor's spelling list (Jack) - going well, do this orally and with Spelling City
  • Teach All Kids packets (Jack) - none which is fine
  • Cursive (Kate) - almost done with a workbook. I think we might stop there. She knows it.
  • Read, Write, Type program (Jack) - going well. Jack enjoys this and his typing skills are definitely improving. I need to figure out how to monitor progress.
  • Keyboarding (Kate) - working both with a book and online. Mostly just practice
  • Sentence Family & Grammarland - nope. Will save
  • Assigned reading - so Little Women ended up being a bit much for Kate, so she read Misty of Chincoteague instead and just started Justin Morgan Had a Horse by the same author. Jack read (and enjoyed!) the first Stink book. Now he is reading the 2nd Stink book. *Note this is assigned reading. Kate is also read a bunch of other books of her choosing (like the entire Judy Moody series), and Jack has listened to an untold number of audiobooks. I try to keep track of all that on their Goodreads accounts.
  • Audiobook - we listened to Time Cat and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
  • What's Physics All About - through p. 25. I really thought we'd read this faster, but we keep getting sidetracked reading books and watching videos about the concepts we've been reading. I do want to be better about doing some more experiments
  • Brain study - nope, but I want to!
  • Science packets - nope, but I want to!
  • Geodes and crystals and gemstones - nothing crazy, but the kids wanted to read about them. Cracked open a lot of geodes this month!
History/Social Studies
  • History of the World - through ch.14; again, I thought we'd be further, but we keep getting side tracked by different subjects! 
  • Moses - ancient Egypt has led to a bit of Old Testament studies
  • Epiphany - reading many versions of the 3 kings story, also some bible stories through John the Baptist
  • Galileo - in conjunction with physics
  • Robert Frost - life and poetry
  • Jane Goodall - finished up some books/videos that we didn't complete in December
  • C.S. Lewis - just getting started
Physical Fitness - can't quite figure out how some homeschoolers struggle with this... we do so much!
  • Swim Team - 2-3x/week - as planned
  • Volleyball (Kate) - going great
  • Basketball (Jack) - going great
  • Ski School - 3x in January. Both kids are now level 6. Plus a handful of family ski days
  • Couch to 5K - nope. Going to put this off until it warms up consistently
Art/Home Ec
  • Baking - nothing formal
  • Sewing - nothing formal
  • Knitting (Kate) - been lazy about going out to get Kate her supplies
  • Architecture class online - first class was great, second was just okay, a few more weeks to go
  • Meditation - not as consistent about this as I'd like
  • Gratitude Journal - daily, going well
  • ITBS workbook 3 (Jack) - started this 2-3x/week just for test practice. Jack takes the ITBS for the first time this year, and I didn't want him going in cold
  • French (Kate) - just French club, want to find something a bit more for Kate
  • Logic - I don't think we did any logic this month...
  • Apple 1:1 - nope
  • Playful eLearning courses - nope
  • Travel - none other than up to our mountain home
  • Field Trips - we only did one field trip the the science museum in January - want to be better in February
  • Homeschool program - weekly (math, language arts, art, history, science, technology) - as planned
  • Speech Therapy (Jack) - our speech therapist is so much more than a speech therapist! Feel lucky to have her.
  • Other misc reading and stuff, not in depth enough to really mention

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