Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Hawaii Photos - Big Island House

We rented a house outside Pahoa on the Hilo sided of the island. The house couldn't have been more lovely. 3 bedrooms, clean, well-stocked kitchen, a lanai surrounded by plantings, and its own geothermal pool! The pool was clear, had little fish and crabs, and was the perfect temperature - warm enough to slide right in yet still refreshing. The kids hopped in first thing every morning, and really preferred to be there rather than taking in other sites on the island.

We could also walk down to Champagne Pond which is another geothermal pool that connects directly to the ocean. Apparently there are often sea turtles there. We didn't see any, but it was great for snorkeling! The funny thing was the warm, geothermal water would layer with the cooler ocean water creating all these blurry areas in the water.

A short drive from our rental were also the Kapoho Tide Pools/Fish Preserve. We went a few times as it was also a great place to snorkel. Gorgeous. Some places got a little deep (but not really deep) so Jack was difficult about going in as he was worried about sharks. Since I can't quite convince him that there aren't sharks in the deep end of a swimming pool, I didn't even attempt to convince him that there were no sharks in the tide pools...

While this area wasn't quintessential Hawaii, I loved how uncrowded and peaceful it was. I could have sat on our rental's lanai for several days just reading a book. We will definitely go back.

Rental House Geothermal Pond
Even nice in the rain!
Clear water!

Champagne Pond
"Hike" to pond

See the thermal layers?

Fish Preserve
Didn't capture how unique this place is in the photos. We spent most of our time underwater. I followed a parrotfish around for a long time watching (and hearing!) it munch on coral.

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