Thursday, January 02, 2014

2014 Resolutions

I love making New Year's Resolutions. Whether I follow through or not is irrelevant (I couldn't even remember if I made any for 2013! I sorta did). I find the process of just thinking about what is important to me and what I want to accomplish worthwhile.

Since fresh starts keep me motivated, I decided to do my 2014 resolutions as monthly projects. I chose 6 areas that I want to focus on, and I'll pick a project each month in each of those areas. I have ideas but haven't even picked all 12 projects for each focus area. That way I can adjust as the year proceeds. I'm also doing each with a different friend as a way to stay connected and accountable. So excited!!

So here is what I'm planning...
  1. Finance. This was my friend Nona's idea, and I'm so glad she invited me to join. We are going to pick a project each month and then discuss. Discussing anything with Nona is great, but since I love money management and finance is her specialty, this is going to be especially good. If nothing else, I know we'll laugh. January Focus: No Amazon purchases! 
  2. Home. Doing this with my friend Ashlee. I love her style and just wish she was closer so we could do this together in person. Each month we are going to pick a room in our homes to focus on and "finish." This will include decluttering, organizing, decorating, or anything else to get a room complete. January Focus: Kate's room 
  3. Photos. Pretty sure my friend Kerri is still up for doing this with me. My digital photos are an out-of-control disaster. They are on multiple computers, random CDs, photo websites, cameras, phones, etc. And there are so many of them!! It is really fairly overwhelming. I have tried doing this year-by-year without success. This year my plan is to work by months. I'll go through that month's photos for the last 10 years and a)find all the photos b)compile into one place c)sort and delete unnecessary photos d)print any for display e)choose images for photo books f)file/save/backup January Focus: January photos and research storage options 
  4. Creative. I've asked my friend Krista to join me on this one. Krista has amazing ideas and I love what she creates. Going to choose a creative project to complete each month. I want to mostly focus on completing unfinished quilting projects. January Focus: Kate's Mermaid Quilt
  5. Health/Fitness. Fingers crossed that since my friend Michelle and I have already discussed doing a 5K together in 2014, that she'll be on board with a year long commitment. I consider myself pretty active, fit and healthy already, but there is always room for improvement. The last 6-9 months I've really slacked on some of my key activities - specifically yoga, strength training, and sugar snacking - and I can feel it! January Focus: Yoga
  6. Mind/Spiritual/Soul. Really want my sister to do this with me. Hoping she'll at least be available for ideas, because I'm not exactly sure where I am going with this one. January Focus: Meditation

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