Sunday, November 03, 2013

To Do List

The last time I did this was way back in August, and there are STILL things on this list that have not been done yet. Oh, dear.
  1. Hem drapes in master bedroom (this is really so low on the priority list that is is never going to happen)
  2. Freakin' get my master bedroom headboard upholstered (this is a 2 person job, so it probably isn't going to happen anytime soon either)
  3. Get email inbox down to reasonable size (<10) - done but backed up again
  4. Give book to a neighbor friend
  5. Mail package to my friend Nona
  6. Mail package to my friend Elizabeth
  7. Keep up with my online quilt class (so far behind now... ugh...)
  8. Look into horse riding lessons for Kate
  9. Contact piano teacher
  10. Costco returns
  11. Return/Check out library books
  12. Clean/organize desk
  13. Call chicken watcher
  14. Inventory freezer - ha! just done last week!
  15. Schedule donation pick up
Fresh start for this week:
  1. Pharmacy Pick Up
  2. Oil Change
  3. Get a pedicure
  4. Sort box of books for donation
  5. Repot Christmas cactus
  6. Go over Christmas card mailing list
  7. Order stamps for Christmas cards
  8. Work on Christmas ornaments
  9. Make dentist appt
  10. Make carmel apples with kids
  11. Buy bulky yard for Kate's knitting project
  12. Make orthodontist appt for Kate (and maybe Jack)
  13. Return a quilt pattern I borrowed from a friend
  14. Make grandma's Christmas present
  15. Schedule donation pick up (again)
(I know, I know. The Christmas theme on the To Do List is crazy, but I need to get everything done in the next few weeks. Our schedule is full, full, full starting with Thanksgiving.)

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