Saturday, November 02, 2013

November (December) Homeschool Plan

Since we have big travel planned in November and December (with minimal homeschooling) and will take a break from homeschooling over the holidays, I am viewing the next 6-8 weeks of homeschooling as one, big chunk. I'll probably still do a November review and December plan, but I want/need a rough guide for the next 6-8 weeks.
Math - My plan is to feel really good about where we are with math by the end of 2013.
  • MathUSee - Gamma - restart Kate at lesson 21 (and finish Gamma by the holidays), start Jack at lesson 1
  • Finish & reread (the 2nd reading is Matt's job!) Life of Fred Butterflies, maybe start Life of Fred Cats (kids just LOVE this series - would never use as a main math curriculum, but it is fantastic as a supplement. I sorta want to get to Trigonometry... maybe Fred will help me understand what I didn't in high school!)
  • Times Tales - continue Part 1 & Part 2 multiplication practice, especially Jack
  • IXL, XtraMath, Khan Academy - maybe if we feel like it or need something while we travel
  • Teaching Textbooks 3 - we did this last year when we all got weary of MathUSee. If Kate finishes up Gamma early, I might have her restart Teaching Textbooks as a review. Jack also if we need time between Gammas lessons to memorize multiplication tables
Language Arts - feeling really good about where we are with Language Arts
  • First Language Lessons Level 3 - continue to do 3-5 lessons/week
  • Writing With Ease 3 - continue to do 6-8 lessons/week (I was a bit iffy about this program when we first started it last year, but I'm can now see the benefits. I love the concept of being about to process your ideas mentally before writing down)
  • Complete Techniques of Creative Writing online class for Kate (feel so fortunate to have found San Diego Scribblers. Kate really enjoys writing, is independent with the work, and always chooses to do this work first - which I think says a lot. Writing is also not my homeschooling forte. I love having someone else running that show!)
  • Professor Grammar's Punctuation Packets workbook for Kate - 3-4 lessons/week
  • Improve Reading & Writing Skills Workbook with Jack - will work through at his pace
  • Sequential Spelling for Kate 3-4 lessons/week, tutor's spelling list and spelling in above workbook for Jack
  • Tutoring 2-3x/week for Jack
  • Sight Words app for Jack
  • Teach All Kids for letter reversals (Jack) and maybe more
  • Start The Sentence Family (maybe while traveling since it isn't a heavy textbook)
  • Assigned reading (Kate will read texts, Jack will listen to audiobook versions): not exactly sure yet, starting with The Story of Dr. Dolittle, then other ideas include Frindle, Little Women, maybe something related to Thanksgiving, Christmas or Hawaii. I want to start evolving our book discussions towards a model similar to that in Deconstructing Penguins
Science - having fun, hoping we do enough, want to maybe focus a bit more on the scientific method
  • Continue to work through What's Physics All About with additional resources from library - finish up forces and move on to energy
  • Albert Einstein Study (maybe)
  • Brain Study
  • Chimpanzee/Jane Goodall Study
  • Dolphin Study
  • A bunch of random science experiments/projects that I have sitting around (to be done over the holidays when we *aren't* homeschooling)
History/Social Studies - so much to learn, so easy to get side-tracked with a subject!
  • History of the World - keep reading. Maybe cut back some of the activities and just read
  • Old Testament Bible Stories
  • Finish up some Pony Express studies, maybe have Jack do a project of some kind
  • Thanksgiving/Mayflower/Pilgrims Study (just a bit)
  • Independent study for Kate - she is choosing Cleopatra - I've felt like Kate needs a little more lately. She can breeze through her regular work pretty quickly. Going to have her do some sort of project/report for us.
Misc - never enough time nor energy to get to everything we want to do
  • Apple 1:1 - goal to schedule 4 sessions by the end of 2013
  • Vision Therapy for Jack - formal visits are done, will continue at home
  • Testing for Jack (in December)
  • Swim Team 2-3x/week 
  • Volleyball for Kate
  • Soccer for Jack
  • Skiing!! Just for fun over the holidays. Lessons won't start until January.
  • Couch to 5K - work through it as we are able
  • Logic (misc workbooks, games, etc)
  • Keyboarding (Kate) - do each lesson 2-3 times before moving forward
  • Computer programming (Jack) - may start over holidays
  • Playful Learning ecourse
  • Baking for Kate
  • Family Meditation (using the Family Meditation Book which I've had for YEARS and not used yet. I think we'll also incorporate picture books on mediation/peace/life lessons/etc. with our mediation time. Would like to eventually incorporate character building with meditation time also.)
  • Daily Gratitude Journal
  • Travel: Texas for Thanksgiving (Heard Museum? Perot Museum? Fossil Rim? Dinosaur State Park? Heritage Village? not sure what we'll get to; had planned to go to Arkansas this trip, but rethinking that) & Hawaii (Volcano NP, beaches, hikes, snorkeling, luau, fun!)
  • Field Trips: would like to do 3-4 more in 2013
  • Weekly Homeschool Program (where kids get art, science, technology, language arts, math and history)

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