Monday, November 18, 2013

Funny Baking Moment

Want to get this down so I don't forget!
(Isn't amazing how many things you think you won't forget about your kids, and then you do?!?)

Kate would kill me if she knew I was putting this out in a public forum. Hopefully by the time she is old enough to read this, she'll be fairly forgiving. Anyway...

Remember how Kate is supposed to be doing a baking "class" this fall for homeschool? Well, we haven't been doing such a good job. Actually *I* have not been doing a good job of formally teaching  her, but she has been baking quite a bit (with varying degrees of supervision). Today she wanted to make cookies, and I suggested that she use the Tollhouse recipe on the chocolate chip bag.

She mixed it all up on her own, asking me a few questions her and there. When she brought me a bit of batter to snack on, I thought it seemed a bit thin, but it's been so long since I've made that recipe, I didn't think much more about it.

Kate plopped spoonfuls on a cookie sheet, put them in the oven to bake, and sat down to watch a TV show with me. After 15 min she went to check on the cookies. It was one, big, melted, burned mess all over the cookie sheet (thank goodness we used a jelly pan with rims). I should have taken a picture of the disaster!

Ends up, there wasn't enough flour used. The recipe called for "2 1/4 cups flour" which Kate read to be 2 scoops with the 1/4 cup measuring cup. Only 1/2 a cup. I can see the misunderstanding. We added a bit more flour for the next batch. Turned out beautiful! Yum!

(It is NOT good for my waistline to have Kate baking so much! I can't resist the temptation of baked sweets...)

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PopMom said...

Shelagh and her friend decided to bake brownies while I was out the other day. They used 2 eggs, a sprinkle of flour, a sprinkle of sugar and hersheys syrup. Then, in lieu of baking, they used a flashlight to "cook" them in a muffin tin. Then they ate it all raw and left me the dishes. Needless to say, we did a do-over next night together and used it as a teaching moment. Classic…thought you'd enjoy!