Sunday, October 27, 2013

Omaha Zoo

I had heard that the Omaha Zoo was top notch and definitely wanted to stop on our road trip. And although I knew it was supposed to be a great zoo, I sorta thought, "How good could it really be?" Isn't a good zoo, a good zoo? I was very mistaken. I was blown away by how great the Omaha Zoo was. Will definitely go back. Maybe meet friends from Minneapolis half way for a weekend?

The photos really don't do it justice! I loved how they "layered" animals. Often different species of animals in the same enclosure. The indoor rain forest was amazing - with bat colonies flying/roosting all over. And the nocturnal exhibit (which was too dark for photos) was really, really cool, especially the swamp exhibit with beavers and alligators.
See the wallaby up there? Often it felt like
the animals were not in enclosures
Gotta get the gorilla videos on YouTube to share 
We loved, loved, loved the rain forest!
Call the zookeeper! The monkeys have escaped!
(my poor kids hear the joke every time we go to a zoo...
never gets old - for me!)

The aquarium was great, although we went through quickly
since we had just been to the Shedd in Chicago
On the Skyfari (aka skyfart) ride
(pretty goofy by this point in the trip!)
Jack was DYING to go to the animated dinos,
but once we got there was too scared to go
through! They were pretty realistic...

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