Sunday, October 13, 2013

2013 Fall Road Trip

I don't think that I ever announced that the kids and I were doing a 3 week road trip.

Well, we did. And now we are home. Happy to be home, sad that the trip is over.

Way back when, this trip was scheduled as 2 separate trips - a trip to Dallas to attend a conference with my mom and a trip to Chicago where Matt had a conference. Then I started looking at the map, and the trip grew and grew and grew. And then Matt said, "Whoa!" and I remembered that we have favorite people to see and fun things to do at home. So the trip found its limits.

Here's where we were/what we did. Hopefully I'll post more about our stops as time/energy permit.

Day 1 Drive Colorado Springs to Amarillo
Day 2 Drive Amarillo to Dallas (with a stop at the huge cross)
Day 3-5 Dallas (my birthday, conference with my mom)
Day 6 Drive Dallas to St. Louis (with a stop at the George Washington Carver NM)
Day 7 St. Louis - Grant's Farm and Ulysses S. Grant NHS
Day 8 Gateway Arch visit and drive St. Louis to Springfield, IL
Day 9 Lincoln Home NHS attempt, New Salem and drive to Chicago
Days 10-13 Chicago fun
Day 14 Drive from Chicago to Michigan
Day 15-17 Michigan fun
Day 18 Drive from Michigan to Omaha with stop in Quad Cities for lunch with my aunt & cousin
Day 19 Omaha zoo and drive to Gothenburg, Nebraska
Day 20 Gothenburg mini tour (my grandma grew up there) and drive home

I could honestly keep going and going on a road trip like this, but the kids seem to have about a 3 week threshold at this pace. I think we could go longer if we had a few more extended stays. Already thinking about the next one...

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