Sunday, August 18, 2013

To Do List

It's that time of year where I feel all inspired to get things done, set some goals for myself. Thought I'd start by going back to my old To Do list. The last one I did was over a month ago. Very pleased that most things are checked off!
  1. Deposit kids' checks from my grandma - not done but going off the list!
  2. Go through homeschool books/junk
  3. Make vet appt
  4. Make my annual doctor appt - putting off for a bit
  5. Make my annual eye doctor appt - putting off for a bit
  6. Submit Kate's standardized test scores to school district
  7. Email homeschool program about curriculum
  8. Submit homeschool form to school district
  9. Choose paint color for guest room ceiling
  10. Change guest room brown outlets to white
  11. Buy curtain rods for guest room and Kate's room (Kate's room is on hold while we figure out paint colors together)
  12. Hem drape for short guest room window
  13. Hem drapes in master bedroom
  14. Move old dresser from garage to guest room
  15. Freakin' get my master bedroom headboard upholstered
Almost a clean slate to do list. Here's what I'd really like to accomplish this week...
  1. Hem drapes in master bedroom
  2. Freakin' get my master bedroom headboard upholstered (2a Get staples for the staple gun)
  3. Call for an appointment for Jack
  4. Pay small stack of bills
  5. Deposit small stack of checks
  6. Clean out the tadpole habitat (they have all now died... but the last one lasted about a week as a frog!)
  7. Clean up the homeschool room (Egad! It's bad in there...)
  8. Get email inbox down to reasonable size (<10)
  9. Make a few home purchases (bench for master bed, full length mirror, etc) on Matt's day off
  10. Give book to a neighbor friend
  11. Mail package to my friend Nona
  12. Mail package to my friend Elizabeth
  13. Return/Check out library books
  14. Clean out bathroom drawers
  15. Keep up with my online quilt class

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Charli Dooley said...

I love making lists. I feel like I have the hardest time getting everything done with out that visual. Crossing things off makes me feel very accomplished! Thanks for sharing.