Wednesday, August 14, 2013

July Miles

Already mid-way through August!

Running - 38.75 miles
Tennis - 19 hours = 76 miles
July Total - 114.75 miles
2013 Total - 844.5 miles
Rainbow on my run last week
Lowest since March. My excuses? Travel and a pulled calf muscle. With tennis season winding down (2 more weeks - I love tennis but I need a break!), my running miles should go back up. Plus with this blog post, I am publicly committing to running a half marathon with one of my running partners in October. It will be her first, and I'm giving myself no other goal than to finish (because really my goal is not the half marathon so much but to get my miles back up). There's also talk of a Texas half marathon in February... I might set myself a time goal for that one...

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