Thursday, August 29, 2013

DayBook 8.29.13

Outside my window... is my mountain backyard. The green is still dripping from last night's rain, and there is just a touch of autumn in the air.

I am thinking... about life. And friends. And where to focus my energy.

I am thankful for... 
my new(ish) running shoes. They have really made a difference with the outer arch pain I was feeling in my right foot. Definitely worth the extra $40.

From the kitchen... I have not felt like (nor done) much cooking the last couple weeks. Starting to feel the urge to be back in the kitchen again. I think it is ripe peaches putting me back in a cooking mood. Night before last we had popcorn and peach crisp with ice cream for dinner (that's my kind of dinner!!). Last night I made a new-to-us chicken and barley soup (so simple, so satisfying and everyone liked it!), cheese drop biscuits, and peach crisp for a second night in a row.

I am wearing...
 jeans and a half-zip top. Easy dressing.

I am creating...
forgot my crochet project at home. Pretty much keeping up with my online quilt class. Falling a little behind this week, but I should be able to catch up this weekend.

I am going... to firm up my fall/winter travel plans today. Need to make reservations, buy tickets, etc.

I am reading... almost done with The Next Time You See Me, quickly working my way through Overcoming Dyslexia, and really excited to start The Bitter Kingdom (gotta get myself OFF these silly young adult trilogies!)

I am hoping... but it doesn't seem to be working.

I am hearing...
 Matt washing dishes, the kids talking, and beyond that, the creek rushing behind our place

Around the house... I took some of the cabinet doors off in our mountain kitchen. Planning to paint the upper cabinets (but not this week). Looking for wallpaper to line the insides of the doorless upper cabinets.

One of my favorite things... early bedtime

A few plans for the rest of the week:
the week is almost over! Ice skating, shopping, napping, tennis, a long run, maybe some zip lining... not so bad.

Here is a picture I am sharing: no time! Gotta go ice skating!

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PopMom said...

Funny, I've been thinking about where to put my energy as well. I've not nurtured my friendships as I should in the recent past.