Friday, August 30, 2013

August Homeschool Review

I already like planning our homeschooling month to month. August plans went somewhat as planned although we did cancel our San Fran trip and a rainy week in Dallas changed some of our plans. Here's what got done...
  • Farm Camp - DONE! Big success. Jack was even pictured and quoted in a local paper
  • Overnight Camp (Kate) - DONE! Big success. Kate wants to go for a full week next year.
  • Dallas Trip - great time with friends, ended up visiting the CR Smith Air Museum. Not sure the kids got much from the physics of flight displays, but they loved the Lego exhibit. And I loved the flight simulator.
  • San Francisco Trip - CANCELLED! (too much summer travel & too many visitors - we decided to relax and stick close to home)
  • Rhino study - this has been really interesting (as are all the animal studies!). Rhinos relate to our Africa study, and I was hoping to observe the rhinos at Fossil Rim Wildlife park. Maybe on our Sept trip.
  • August reading list for each child - I had a revelation about Jack's reading this month which distracted me from assigning anything for Kate. That's okay. I'm thinking I'll just *assign* one book a month and let her choose all the rest.
  • Math (Xtra Math & IXL) - kids did this almost every day without complaint, so I'll have them keep up with that in Sept.
  • Apple 1:1 at least twice - NADA. In September.
  • Vision Therapy (Jack) - Done. But blah.
  • Sight Words (Jack - we use this app) - a little. Not every day but enough to count.
  • Test fluency for both kids to get baseline for this year - DONE. Will keep doing this every month.
  • The Story of the World - we've been doing ancient Africa (plus some modern Africa). Fun stuff.
  • Online poetry class for Kate - started this week. I think it will be good.
  • Free Piano lessons. - Didn't happen. I'm calling a teacher this week.
  • Swim team - did one week, then gone a week, then swim hiatus until next week.
  • Weather lab - will start in Sept
  • Yetti Mountain app - ADDED - Jack has been doing this to help with his sequencing
  • Audible - ADDED - Jack has been spending lots of time listening to audio books which has been great for him.
And *my* August assignments were...
  • Take Playful Learning Spaces ecourse - started. Decided to space it out for myself
  • August Reading List - never made one...
  • Put together a baking class for the kids - still in progress
  • Put together a sewing class for the kids - Going to wait until January to do this
  • Plan activities for fall (for me and kids) - in progress

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