Monday, July 29, 2013

DayBook 7.29.13

Outside my window... sunny after a very rainy day. Foggy clouds covering the mountains still. Bits of mountain peaking through here and there.

I am thinking... that I am going to be really sad when the reality that my friend Nona has moved thousands of miles away actually hits me. (That sadness will be tempered by the fact that I get to go visit her in HAWAII! In December!)

I am thankful for... my life. This post (#5) reminded me of that this morning.

From the kitchen... I was a busy bee in the kitchen yesterday - 2 batches of buns, double batch of cha-cha-cha cookies (chickpea and chocolate chip), 24 roast beef sandwiches in the freezer, mini sausage quiches (that the kids told me they *hate* prior to tasting), and corn & black bean salad for later this week. Today I think I'll bake some sandwich bread and soak cucumbers because I have a hankering for cucumber sandwiches. Also going to roast a couple chickens for BBQ chicken sandwiches and freezer pot pies.

I am wearing...
 navy shorts, a baseball tee, and my current favorite summer shoes. I look pretty darn cute for just rolling out of bed!

I am creating... I started a new quilt this weekend. It's bright! Blocks are finished, just need to stitch them together. Ordered some flannel for the back. Hoping to snuggle under it this winter.

I am going... to get some new running shoes today or tomorrow. I ran several times in Austin, but my legs (specifically ankles, calves & shins - but not shin splints - just an achy, tired feeling) bothered me. I took this last week off running (but not tennis) to rest. Everything feels better except my right ankle. I think I have a little tendonitis. Blah.

I am reading... started and finished The Late, Lamented Molly Marx. Good read, but a book about death always leaves me a little sad. Especially when one can relate to the character.  Still reading the Lemon Cake one. Just no time to *sit* and read.

I am hoping... for a some time alone away from it all. I think the stars will align, and I might get one vacation night in August.

I am hearing...
 birds chirping, Nina snorting in her sleep, and a lawn mower somewhere in the neighborhood.

Around the house... my guest bedroom looks so good! Ceiling is painted, new light fixture up, dresser moved in. I'm going to pick up a frame and maybe a mirror today. The rest of the house is a disaster...

One of my favorite things... hot tea. Even in the summer.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
 my mother-in-law arrives tomorrow, Matt's uncle arrives on Wednesday, my parents arrive Friday, Uncle Mark will visit this weekend, tennis everyday this week, day camp & swim team for the kids, Matt is riding the Copper Triangle... Phew!

Here is a picture I am sharing: Does this even look like me? I don't think I look bad, it's just an angle I never see myself from.

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Anonymous said...

I think you look very YOUNG here!! :)

Melissa R