Friday, July 05, 2013

Camping 2013 - Lake Powell

We met up with Uncle Mark and camped at Halls Crossing. Rented a boat for the first 2 days and 2 jet skis the 3rd day. A great trip. We'd like to go back and rent a houseboat for the week to explore even more.
Hangin' with Uncle Mark
No one can build a campfire like Uncle Mark
Night sky was pretty amazing.
Visible Milky Way.
Plus I learned a few constellations.
Love this photo!
Jack was the 1st one out on the tube,
but we forgot to explain what happens if he falls off...
Poor kid went nuts when he fell off
and he saw the boat zooming away
(to loop around and get him)!
Not sure he'll ever get back out there! 
Nina - the quintessential man's dog
(we joke, but she really is a great camp/boat girl!)

For the record, I was opposed to this...


Gigantic Grasshopper!
No jet ski photos... too wet! Gotta remember my waterproof camera for our next Lake Powell trip. 

We ended our trip with a night in Pagosa Springs soaking in the tubs. I think we were too exhausted to take any photos at that point! 10 nights on the road will do that.

Already brainstorming Camping 2014!

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