Wednesday, July 31, 2013

August Homeschool Plans

I meant to do some sort of wrap up post for homeschooling in May/June, but never got around to it.

Oh, well.

The year was good. Some things went as plan, others didn't. I'm learning to relax a bit more. I started out the year trying to be very structured and planned but found we often wanted to stay with a topic for longer periods of time. This was especially true for history. I thought we'd get through The Story of the World in a few short months, but we got stuck in Egypt and couldn't leave!

I also found that we (truly meaning both me and the kids) got bored with some programs. For example, we started out the year with Math U See (and it is great!), but by March we'd had enough. We switched to Teaching Textbooks Math 3. It was a good to just have a change. We'll probably go back and forth between the two this upcoming year.

I was also surprised to find how much we (mostly me!) struggled with over scheduling, especially since   one of the reasons I wanted to homeschool was to avoid an overloaded schedule! There is just so much to do, and it all sounds like fun! We'll limit much more this year. I think. I hope. We'll see...

This year instead of giving myself a full or even half year plan like I did last year, I think I'll give myself a monthly plan. Nothing set in stone, just a general guide.

While we certainly didn't stop learning this summer, we did take a break from formal studies. We are already gearing back up with some math review, but I didn't want to start planning anything until August. Even then, August is definitely going to be an "easing back in" time for us. Here's my rough plan...

  • Farm Camp
  • Overnight Camp (for Kate)
  • Dallas Trip (Fossil Rim Wildlife Park, rhino study, Perot Museum of Nature & Science)
  • San Francisco Trip (Golden Gate Park, Muir Woods, John Muir Historic site, John Muir biographies, Redwoods, Exploratorium, maybe Alcatraz)
  • August reading list for each child (TBD)
  • Math (Xtra Math & IXL - finish up 2nd & 3rd grade for review)
  • Apple 1:1 at least twice (we purchased laptops for the kids last spring as they seem to need a computer more and more for schoolwork, using the 1:1 time for technology since the kids - especially Jack - are passing me up in tech knowledge at an alarming rate!)
  • Vision Therapy (Jack)
  • Sight Words (Jack - we use this app)
  • Test fluency for both kids to get baseline for this year
  • The Story of the World (no goal - just read and enjoy)
  • Online poetry class for Kate (starts the end of August)
  • Free Piano lessons. I have some names for piano teachers but in the meantime, we are going to try this.
  • Swim team
  • Weather lab - might wait to start this in September
And *my* August assignments...
  • Take Playful Learning Spaces ecourse
  • August Reading List (TBD)
  • Put together a baking class for the kids (inspiration here)
  • Put together a sewing class for the kids (inspiration here)
  • Plan activities for fall (for me and kids)

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