Sunday, June 09, 2013

To Do

Feel like I got a decent amount done last week. Kids are in an all day camp again this week, so hoping to get a bunch
  1. Review/balance finances (need to find time to sit down & review with Matt)
  2. Register kids' for Apple One to One time
  3. Buy spray paint
  4. Deposit kids' checks from my grandma
  5. 40 for 40 review
  6. Go through homeschool books/junk
  7. Clean out linen cupboard
  8. Make a birthday gift
  9. Buy batting for headboard
  10. Submit Matt's vacation requests for 2014 (yup, we have to plan that far in advance!)
  11. Freaking decide on a paint color for the guest bedroom already
  12. Get email inbox down to a manageable size
  13. Give hedgehog a bath
  14. Make banana muffins
  15. Buy taco seasoning at Penzey's and make taco meat for fridge
  16. Clean out bathroom drawers okay, so this isn't technically done yet. I've cleaned out the drawers but not put everything back away. Will get done tonight.
  17. Clear off old dining room buffet and move it to a new spot
  18. Move rug in master to guest bedroom & move old living room rug to master
  19. Give boxes of books to friend to store for school book sale next year - in the foyer, ready to go, but the friends just left this morning for a few weeks in Europe. Taking off the to do list until they get home. Guess the boxes will just sit there...
  20. Take donation boxes to ARC - sorta. I scheduled them to come pick up the boxes this week.
This week's list:
  1. Review/balance finances
  2. Register kids' for Apple One to One time
  3. Deposit kids' checks from my grandma
  4. Go through homeschool books/junk
  5. Clean out linen cupboard
  6. Give hedgehog a bath
  7. Make banana muffins
  8. Make vet appt
  9. Make my annual doctor appt
  10. Make my annual eye doctor appt
  11. Submit Kate's standardized test scores to school district
  12. Email homeschool program about curriculum
  13. Catch up on laundry
  14. Plant flower pots
  15. Buy paint for guest bedroom (I decided on BM White Dove)

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