Thursday, June 27, 2013

Camping 2013 - Sand Dunes

A bit behind on this. The first 2 nights of our trip we spent at Sand Dunes National Park. A bit embarrassing that the parks is so close to us and that we had never been. Kids loved it. While I found the geography fascinating, I got tired of it all pretty quickly. The sand was really difficult to hike plus it was really hot in the heat of the day. After 2 nights, there was sand EVERYWHERE. In sleeping bags, in the car, in the food, in all body creases. I think it took me 3 showers to get off all the sand that was plastered to my scalp...

Lots of pictures of (surprise, surprise!) sand dunes!

Nina also LOVED the dunes!

Creek in front of the dunes

Jack could have built dams
and rerouted water all week
Nice campsite with dunes as the backdrop

Campsite climbing tree
Kids riding in back while we drove up the pass
Picnic by a beaver lodge
(there were LOTS of beaver dams/lodges in the park)
And we also went sledding on the sand dunes. Gotta find the pics and videos of that.

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Penny Dugmore said...

Mr9 would be right in there with Jack doing the dam and re-routing thing :-)