Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Mostly just some photos of our trip. We didn't wander far from the Legoland site. Just to the beach and out to dinner Saturday evening. Other than that it was Lego-Lego-Lego 100%!
Hotel was fun. Big pit of Legos in the lobby. Disco elevator.
Reminiscent of the Disney cruise with kids everywhere,
but worth it for Jack's pure joy.
See Matt & kids towards the back? I went on the first time,
but my stomach can't handle 2x in a row!
Just looking at this photo of a spinning ride
makes me queasy!
Kate & I onscreen playing National Geographic XBox Kinetic
We were bears catching salmon
Family photo in 3D glasses
Mom isn't on the soaking water ride either.
Too cold! What a wimp!
Jack & Mom on the sky ride
Jack LOVED Lego Miniland!
Feeding our Star Wars obsession
That's all! Great trip. Jack would go back tomorrow. I think I've had my fill.

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