Monday, May 06, 2013

Daybook 5.6.13

Outside my window... a bit overcast. Hoping rain doesn't delay my tennis match this evening.

I am thinking... lots of things. Mostly that I need to get off the computer and get ready for tennis.
I am thankful for... great airplane pilots!
From the kitchen... fridge and cupboards are bare. No idea what we'll eat this week!
I am wearing... a tennis skirt and a favorite Title Nine zip hoodie sweater with thumb holes (like these but a coral color from a couple seasons ago. Matt bought it for me - maybe for Mother's Day?). I thought the zipper was broken last week, but it miraculously fixed itself. Not sure if I'm happy because I love this sweater or disappointed that I can't go buy another!
I am creating... my goodness I NEED to get into my sewing room! I want to try sewing for 15-30 min a day instead of trying to find big chunks, but I haven't made that happen yet.
I am going... to a tennis clinic in Denver this week. Pretty excited.
I am reading... Finished Brilliance of the Moon & The Elite (just like the first one... so mindless, so non intellectual, so good and addicting!! How will I wait a year for the final one?!?).  Barely started Harsh Cry of the Heron but put it aside to read Let's Pretend This Never Happened for book club. Gotta finish by Friday! Just a few chapters in, but it is HILARIOUS. Maybe I have a horrible sense of humor, but I was laughing out loud on the airplane yesterday while I read. Didn't really read much of it this week, but still working my way through Mind Gym.
I am hoping... to see my godmother today. She was my mom's college roommate (same alma mater as me) and is in town on business.

I am hearing... Jack watching some silly DVD he got as his souvenir on our trip (more on that soon) and the clock tick and the cat begging for more food.

Around the house... not thinking about the house this week.

One of my favorite things... my USTA tennis team. Really. So much fun!! And we have a great captain. Her name is Kristen (not me!). Never met a Kristen I didn't like!

A few plans for the rest of the week: tennis, tennis, and more tennis. In between we are going to try to fit in some homeschooling, swimming, lacrosse, book club and hair cuts all around.

Here is a picture I am sharing: traveling boys

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