Thursday, May 09, 2013

Bad Baking

It's Glitch Week!

I love baking, and I love homemade buns. I've been making buns using this recipe, which I love, but it is a bit time consuming when I want to make several dozen at one time. I decided to try making buns using an Artisan Bread recipe.  I chose the whole wheat brioche which I haven't before tried. The wheat gluten called for in the recipe seemed a bit much, but Kate was helping me mix so I was a bit distracted and just followed the recipe. Seems my instinct was correct and the recipe was wrong. Argh. Whole batch wasted. 7 cups of flour, a stick and a half of butter, 3/4 cup of GOOD honey, not to mention my chicken eggs!! Double-quadruple Argh. Nothing I could do but throw it out (actually I was so frustrated that I just left it on the counter overnight giving the kitchen an overwhlemingly yeasty smell the next morning). And not enough ingredients to even start over.

Meanwhile, I am researching the recipe online, and I forget about the frozen pizza in the oven (you know, because while I'm so busy making homemade goodness, I don't have time to actually cook dinner for my kids!). Burned that. Fortunately it was still edible, and no one complained.
Then Kate has this way of asking me why the dough didn't turn out that seems somewhat accusatory as if I had done something wrong (which actually wouldn't be all that unusual either!). So I was frustrated, annoyed, cranky and feeling completely inadequate. Let the kids eat their burnt pizza in front of the TV. Have yet to make a second attempt at the buns. That's why they are still on my to do list.

A prime example of moments that shouldn't be blogged...

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