Thursday, May 30, 2013

Homeschool Moment

Online writing class. Halls Crossing Marina. Lake Powell.

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Right Now


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If only you could send smells via the Internet...

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

To Do

Missed last week. Oops! That's okay. Not sure how much more I would have gotten done anyway.

  1. Review/balance finances (mostly, need to finish up a couple things)
  2. Register kids' for Apple One to One time (our Apple store got broken into and was closed. Or at least that's the excuse I'm going to use...)
  3. Figure out home phone voicemail (deleted over 100 messages! Now I have it set up to get an email of any messages. Just one more thing to fill up my inbox!)
  4. Make hamburger buns(disaster... off list for a week or so...)
  5. Make banana muffins
  6. Buy spray paint
  7. Register kids for summer camp
  8. Finish book club book
  9. Deposit kids' checks from my grandma
  10. Return library books

This next week's list:
  1. Review/balance finances
  2. Register kids' for Apple One to One time
  3. Buy spray paint
  4. Deposit kids' checks from my grandma
  5. Decide on swim camp for kids
  6. Look at a couple summer classes for kids
  7. 40 for 40 review
  8. Go through homeschool books/junk
  9. Finish camping checklists
  10. Wash camping clothes

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Right Now

Practicing survival skills
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Monday, May 20, 2013

DayBook 5.20.13

Outside my window... camper is set up. Getting it ready for spring/summer camping!

I am thinking... about this essay I read this morning. Very moving for me. 
I am thankful for... my ability to roll with the punches. Most of the time.
From the kitchen... eating leftover crepes for breakfast, making banana muffins this morning, doing something with avocados later today - the pile I have are super ripe!
I am wearing... boyfriend jeans, sweatshirt (my house is always cold! Winter or summer!), slippers.
I am creating... something with my crochet hook. Just haven't decided what yet.
I am going... to review our homeschool year sometime in the next month.
I am reading... the same stuff as last week. Not so much quiet time the last week.
I am hoping... that our plans for this week don't get delayed too much longer!

I am hearing... Kate babbling about something. I'm only half listening while I type. And Jack munching on leftover crepes for breakfast.

Around the house... it must be spring cleaning season. I was on a roll this weekend cleaning out nooks and crannies. Came up with 2 boxes of stuff to 

One of my favorite things... national parks

A few plans for the rest of the week: USTA singles match for me

Here is a picture I am sharing:

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Step Back

Tonight was a reminder (yet again!) to step back and let the kids do their thing. I need to not get in the way to help them out or try to make it better.
I was making crepes (yet again!) because we have so many eggs (yet again!). Kate has helped me make crepes before, but this was the first time Jack has asked to make crepes.
So I let him pour and cringed as he spread the batter. I helped a little on the first one, caught myself, and let him do the next few on his own.
I also realized that I must have misplaced my rose-colored glasses, because what I saw as a crepe disaster...
Jack announced as the "coolest crepe EVER!"

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Mostly just some photos of our trip. We didn't wander far from the Legoland site. Just to the beach and out to dinner Saturday evening. Other than that it was Lego-Lego-Lego 100%!
Hotel was fun. Big pit of Legos in the lobby. Disco elevator.
Reminiscent of the Disney cruise with kids everywhere,
but worth it for Jack's pure joy.
See Matt & kids towards the back? I went on the first time,
but my stomach can't handle 2x in a row!
Just looking at this photo of a spinning ride
makes me queasy!
Kate & I onscreen playing National Geographic XBox Kinetic
We were bears catching salmon
Family photo in 3D glasses
Mom isn't on the soaking water ride either.
Too cold! What a wimp!
Jack & Mom on the sky ride
Jack LOVED Lego Miniland!
Feeding our Star Wars obsession
That's all! Great trip. Jack would go back tomorrow. I think I've had my fill.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Daybook 5.13.13

Outside my window... is an absolutely gorgeous morning! Perfect running weather. Feels so good to have 5 miles done by 7am.

I am thinking... that life is about to start moving at the speed of light around here. We have a busy schedule for the rest of 2013 (not to mention 2014!). I hope I've built in enough space and downtime.
I am thankful for... all the opportunities that are filling our schedule and our life.
From the kitchen... avocado and egg on toast this morning, kettle is on the stove for a new loose leaf chai, planning kale salad (for me!) for lunch and cheese soup for dinner. Haven't gotten any further than that yet.
I am wearing... running shorts, long sleeve running shirt, Smartwool socks.
I am creating... piles and piles of dirty laundry lately. Too many sweaty activities.
I am going... crazy!! :)
I am reading... not as much time for reading the last week. Still on  Harsh Cry of the Heron and Let's Pretend This Never Happened (didn't finish for book club... oops!) And Mind Gym. Didn't even pick it up the last week.
I am hoping... for nice, sunny, non-windy weather this week.

I am hearing... the milk frother spinning.

Around the house... I feel like it is 2 steps forward, 3 steps back around here lately. I need some time alone in the house to get stuff done.

One of my favorite things... quiet mornings.

A few plans for the rest of the week: USTA singles match for me, homeschool field day for the kids, eye doctor for Jack, running clinic in Denver for me, going away party for friends, lacrosse tournament this weekend for Jack

Here is a picture I am sharing: Jack (blue #26) chatting it up with the opponent. I could tell both boys were busy talking and not paying attention to the game. Ends up they had a long conversation about Minecraft. Jack may not be the best at lacrosse, but he's great at making friends! A more important life skill, no?
And look at those mountains! Sometimes I still have to pinch myself that I get to see those gorgeous mountains every day!!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Salmon Fishing in Legoland

Pretty embarrassing to see yourself on video playing this National Geographic XBOX Kinect Game.
But we loved it. Totally getting it for the kids for Christmas next year.
(the volume doesn't work for me when I play the embedded version but works when I click through to YouTube)
You can see Kate and I rafting here (albeit sideways). And the kids playing more National Geographic here.

Tea Glitch

I've been thinking about doing this "glitch" thing for awhile, and when this happened on Sunday at the airport on our way home from California, I knew I was definitely going to do a glitch week.

Matt got me a chai tea and with the first sip, I missed my mouth (oh, yes!) and spilled tea down my shirt. Not during turbulence, not while walking around, and with a cap on top. Just missed my mouth.
Can't see it so well in the above photo? I guarantee it was really obvious in person. Here's a closer look.
Know what makes you feel sillier than spilling tea down your shirt? Taking a picture of yourself in the airport bathroom mirror!

Biggest bummer of the whole thing? It was a horrible chai that I ended up trashing.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Bad Baking

It's Glitch Week!

I love baking, and I love homemade buns. I've been making buns using this recipe, which I love, but it is a bit time consuming when I want to make several dozen at one time. I decided to try making buns using an Artisan Bread recipe.  I chose the whole wheat brioche which I haven't before tried. The wheat gluten called for in the recipe seemed a bit much, but Kate was helping me mix so I was a bit distracted and just followed the recipe. Seems my instinct was correct and the recipe was wrong. Argh. Whole batch wasted. 7 cups of flour, a stick and a half of butter, 3/4 cup of GOOD honey, not to mention my chicken eggs!! Double-quadruple Argh. Nothing I could do but throw it out (actually I was so frustrated that I just left it on the counter overnight giving the kitchen an overwhlemingly yeasty smell the next morning). And not enough ingredients to even start over.

Meanwhile, I am researching the recipe online, and I forget about the frozen pizza in the oven (you know, because while I'm so busy making homemade goodness, I don't have time to actually cook dinner for my kids!). Burned that. Fortunately it was still edible, and no one complained.
Then Kate has this way of asking me why the dough didn't turn out that seems somewhat accusatory as if I had done something wrong (which actually wouldn't be all that unusual either!). So I was frustrated, annoyed, cranky and feeling completely inadequate. Let the kids eat their burnt pizza in front of the TV. Have yet to make a second attempt at the buns. That's why they are still on my to do list.

A prime example of moments that shouldn't be blogged...

Wednesday, May 08, 2013


Last week we took a long weekend and took the kids to Legoland in California. Stayed at the just opened Legoland Hotel. We made plans for the trip just a month before we actually went, and we didn't tell the kids about the trip until a week before we left. Jack immediately set about to packing on his own. I always find it a study in what is important to my children when they pack for themselves. This is what I found when I helped him repack...

Flip flops, Jackalope stuffed animal, travel blanket and pillow, 2 favorite Lego themed t-shirts (I'm really not a fan of branded t-shirts, but he loves them!), 2 pairs of shorts (one of them ratty cutoffs), a pair of corduroy pants, pair of swim shorts, 4 books (2 of them Lego themed), 2 pairs of socks (one pair filthy dirty!), 2 pairs of underwear (for a 4 day trip! and one pair was, yes, Lego themed underwear...), camera, wallet, a pedometer (??), and an applesauce for a plane snack.

Honestly, he did a pretty good job, and I just made some minor adjustments (like more underwear and clean socks!). And he was fairly ticked at me on the airplane when he discovered I had unpacked the travel blanket and pillow...


I'm going to be one of those women who has it all together. I'm not going to be the woman who...
  • Gets stuck in her running tights (knot in the drawstring) with a very full bladder and with just 20 minutes before her tennis match.
  • Collects a chicken egg, sticks it in her coat pocket, forgets it's there, wonders what that crunch sound is when she sits down on her coat, and then discovers a slimy mess all over her car keys when she pulls them out of her coat pocket.
  • Babbles on and on and on and on while leaving voice messages.
  • Dumps out half her purse while bending over to take off her shoes in the airport security line.
  • Misses a highway exit, does a U turn, and misses the exit again.
  • Looks all over for the sunglasses she is wearing.
  • Spills her drinks all over restaurant tables while gesturing about something silly.
  • Wakes up with her hair sometimes looking like this:
    Good Morning, Sunshine!

    It's Glitch Week!

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Glitch Week

A month or so ago I was talking to a friend of mine (Hi, Jen!) about how certain blogs can sometimes make people/women/moms feel inadequate. It is a common theme heard often about blogs, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. I think I have a pretty good attitude about what I see on the internet. I definitely use the internet for inspiration and motivation, not for comparison. Not to say that I've never felt less than great when reading blogs or browsing Pinterest. I'm just pretty aware that what we see is not the whole story. I know it isn't the whole story on my blog! There is so much I don't blog. Funny thing is that I have occasionally seen similar references about my blog and my standards. That always cracks me up, because I didn't even know I had standards! In real life, I think I can sometimes be a little self-deprecating. I've even actually blogged about disasters (I know there are other examples, but I'm too tired to search the archives). I guess I normally am a pretty positive, happy and optimistic person, and that's how I like to write.

Anyway, in the spirit of making everyone feel good about themselves, I'm going devote the next week or so to blogging a lot of the glitches that happen in my life. And there are plenty. Enough for everyone to realize how horribly imperfect my life is. But sorta funny. Hope you enjoy!

Right Now

If you could only hear her clucking at me as she peaks inside.

Rocket wants treats!

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Monday, May 06, 2013

Daybook 5.6.13

Outside my window... a bit overcast. Hoping rain doesn't delay my tennis match this evening.

I am thinking... lots of things. Mostly that I need to get off the computer and get ready for tennis.
I am thankful for... great airplane pilots!
From the kitchen... fridge and cupboards are bare. No idea what we'll eat this week!
I am wearing... a tennis skirt and a favorite Title Nine zip hoodie sweater with thumb holes (like these but a coral color from a couple seasons ago. Matt bought it for me - maybe for Mother's Day?). I thought the zipper was broken last week, but it miraculously fixed itself. Not sure if I'm happy because I love this sweater or disappointed that I can't go buy another!
I am creating... my goodness I NEED to get into my sewing room! I want to try sewing for 15-30 min a day instead of trying to find big chunks, but I haven't made that happen yet.
I am going... to a tennis clinic in Denver this week. Pretty excited.
I am reading... Finished Brilliance of the Moon & The Elite (just like the first one... so mindless, so non intellectual, so good and addicting!! How will I wait a year for the final one?!?).  Barely started Harsh Cry of the Heron but put it aside to read Let's Pretend This Never Happened for book club. Gotta finish by Friday! Just a few chapters in, but it is HILARIOUS. Maybe I have a horrible sense of humor, but I was laughing out loud on the airplane yesterday while I read. Didn't really read much of it this week, but still working my way through Mind Gym.
I am hoping... to see my godmother today. She was my mom's college roommate (same alma mater as me) and is in town on business.

I am hearing... Jack watching some silly DVD he got as his souvenir on our trip (more on that soon) and the clock tick and the cat begging for more food.

Around the house... not thinking about the house this week.

One of my favorite things... my USTA tennis team. Really. So much fun!! And we have a great captain. Her name is Kristen (not me!). Never met a Kristen I didn't like!

A few plans for the rest of the week: tennis, tennis, and more tennis. In between we are going to try to fit in some homeschooling, swimming, lacrosse, book club and hair cuts all around.

Here is a picture I am sharing: traveling boys

Sunday, May 05, 2013

To Do

I got more crossed off last week than the prior week despite being gone for half of it. But not much more.
  1. Review/balance finances... started but not finished...
  2. Fill out Kate's camp forms
  3. Register kids' for Apple One to One time
  4. Figure out home phone voicemail
  5. Make hamburger buns
  6. Freeze crockpot kidney beans
  7. Make banana muffins
  8. Buy spray paint
  9. Call bank about check deposit
  10. Register kids for a summer camp
Is it a problem to fee overwhelmed with the upcoming week when it hasn't even started yet?
  1. Review/balance finances
  2. Register kids' for Apple One to One time
  3. Figure out home phone voicemail
  4. Make hamburger buns
  5. Make banana muffins
  6. Buy spray paint
  7. Register kids for a summer camp
  8. Finish book club book
  9. Deposit kids' checks from my grandma
  10. Return library books

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Friday, May 03, 2013

April Miles

It's been a good month. Historically March/April and even May have been tough months for me to keep fit (I always notice when we do our annual late-May camping trip and my clothes feel a bit tight!). I've even been better at getting into the weight room for strength training the last few weeks. But no swimming. I think I'll just give up on that goal until June when the outdoor pool is open.

Running = 67.75 miles (I think I forgot to write down a run but can't quite remember. Grrr.)
Tennis - 23 hours = 92 miles
April Total = 159.75 miles
YTD Total = 440.25 miles

Thinking that hitting 1000 miles isn't going to be a problem... *knock on wood*

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Happy May Day

Didn't seem much like May today.

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