Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hole in the Floor

I love the quirkiness of an old house. Especially my old house.

When we moved in, I was a bit surprised by the hole in the dining room wood floor.

Then I discovered it was part of the original call system. A buzzer fit in the hole. And the no-longer-functioning call box stayed with the house.
The hole has always been hidden under a rug. Rediscovered a few weeks ago changing rooms and again today changing rugs.

Kids love looking down into the basement from a different perspective. And dropping anything that will fit through the hole, only to run down the stairs to retrieve items. Or have someone there to catch.

I like to imagine being the lady of the house, serving dinner to my friends, and tapping the buzzer with my foot to call the servers.

Can't imagine how often the kids would call me with the buzzer if it still
worked. Guess I'm glad it doesn't.


Penny said...

how cool! Shades of Downton Abbey.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for clearing this up. We have an identical hole in the floor of our dining room, and I wondered about the call feature. The house was built in 1914. Wish the waitstaff were still here. Sure could use 'em.