Monday, April 01, 2013

Day Book 4.1.13

Outside my window... overcast. Snow is coming tonight.

I am thinking... that I ate too many jelly bellies and chocolate eggs today. I was so good yesterday. Made up for it today. Feel yucky. What cures too much sugar? Just time?
I am thankful for... early bedtimes!
From the kitchen... Easter dinner was lovely - Honeybaked ham, Hoosier potato casserole, blintzes with strawberries, and a new kale salad from my friend Nona (so yummy, going to make more tomorrow!). Planning on split pea soup with leftover ham. Maybe tomorrow? Want to make some more buns for freezer sandwiches. They've been a big hit. Also want to roast a chicken.
I am wearing... old jeans, my Forward Direction t-shirt, black cardigan and tennies. 
I am creating... got some time with the sewing machine last week. After costumes were done, I basted and started quilting an older quilt top. I'm not thrilled with the top so I decided to try some new quilting designs. Going well but slow.
I am going... to have a busy week. Makes me want to crawl under the covers and take a long nap.
I am reading... since I last blogged about reading, I've finished April & Oliver (eh), The Divorce Party (didn't really like it but then I liked the ending) and The Selection (so bad, yet so good... 3 weeks until the sequel comes out!). Current book is The House at Riverton. I've had some nonfiction ADD - still working through Mind Gym. Started and almost done with The Mastery of Love.

I am hoping... that everyone stays well. Jack was really sick all last week, Kate the week before. Operating on poor sleep is not my forte! Two weeks of poor sleep is enough to do me in.

I am hearing... absolute quiet. Sitting in our front room. Matt has kids at swim team. Occasional car drives by or bird chirps, but that's it!

Around the house... ordered a rug for our "new" family room (the old dining room) and found one for the living room (just want Matt to help me decide what size to get). It feels like mostly loose ends now.

One of my favorite things... sunshine!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Kate is taking the Iowa Test of Basic Skills, my sister-in-law's movie has a showing here in town, friend's book launch/girls' night, hair cut, plus all our regular stuff.

Here is a picture I am sharing: Here's one of me! Doesn't happen very often!

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