Tuesday, April 23, 2013

DayBook 4.23.13

Outside my window... it's snowing! Again. I know I'm supposed to be happy for the moisture, but I really would like to wear some spring clothes.

I am thinking... about layering rugs in my living room. Everyone in my life has said (directly or indirectly) that this is a bad idea. That's usually a sign for me that I should do it.
I am thankful for... the one day a week that my kids go to homeschool "school." I love having them around so much, but I also enjoy a break.
From the kitchen... I've been a busy bee in this room. Hamburger buns, taquitos in the freezer, meat cooked in the fridge, more frozen sandwiches crepes in the fridge (with lemon and sugar for breakfast this morning). So nice to have those things on hand when we are hungry and in a hurry.
I am wearing... yoga pants with fleecy lining, my big fisherman sweater, slippers. It's a stay at home kinda day.
I am creating... nada.
I am going... to do a lot of laundry today. Fun.
I am reading... finished The Host (fun, different premise, a little angsty at times, fairly predictable), Tree Spirited Woman (a gift from a friend - an easy yet insightful read) and Across the Nightingale Floor (always like a good forbidden love story, like the setting, will read the whole series) and just started Grass for His Pillow (sequel to above)Still reading Mind Gym. Still really like it. Still taking it slow.
I am hoping... for so little, yet so much.

I am hearing... the furnace. Thank goodness for a working furnace!

Around the house... my tennis clinic in Denver today got cancelled due to the weather, so I am going to use my suddenly free day to get some things done. Nothing big, just catch up as it feels like things are on the edge of falling into complete disarray. I also want to try some rearranging. Surprise, surprise.

One of my favorite things... Audible

A few plans for the rest of the week: so far, this week is NOT going as planned. Oh, well. Going to try to sneak in one more family ski day this week. Also have a fundraising breakfast, lacrosse practice and game for Jack, swim meet for Kate, not so much tennis for me. Bummer.

Here is a picture I am sharing: Right now. Our lovely spring weather

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