Monday, April 15, 2013

Day Book 4.15.13

Outside my window... It's spring!! There are buds on my lilac bushes. More than barely buds, buds that make the bushes take on a green hue. I imagine they'll look greener and greener every day. I can't wait for them to bloom purple. Can't wait to take in the deep, unique scent. Eat my meals outside with lilacs all around.

I am thinking... (still thinking lilacs!) that I only get to see the lilacs once a year. I'll probably experience blooming lilacs only 80 something times in my life (God willing), and I didn't notice them or took them for granted the first 15ish times. When I think of the limits of my experience, it makes me want to fully take in every moment I am fortunate enough to have. How many life experiences are like that? You don't notice or realize the wonder at first, and you only get to experience the joy sporadically. Maybe the space between is what makes it so special. Maybe if the lilacs bloomed year round, I wouldn't notice how much I love them. Maybe it takes the other seasons to appreciate them. And what if I could have my lilacs all year after years of only spring experiences? Would I love them as much? Maybe after knowing the space and seasons in between, maybe, hopefully, I would fully appreciate them.
I am thankful for... travels.
From the kitchen... I have NO IDEA what I'm going to make this week... and we have no food in this house!
I am wearing... black pixie pants (I'm am not going to admit how many days in a row I've worn these!), grey and black striped tee from GAP (I love their tall sizes) and a long, camel, cashmere sweater.
I am creating... a bit of order in the house after being gone for 4 days. Slowly but surely. And I'm making a couple gifts.
I am going... to the library to get all our reserved books.
I am reading... finished The House at Riverton on the plane to Minnesota. If I was a writer, I would want to write like this author. Started The Host. Looking forward to the story. Easy and mindless yet so entertaining.  Still reading Mind Gym. It is slow going not because it isn't good, but because I'm really trying to process as I read. And still only pages away from being done with The Mastery of Love. I think this one needs a re-read.
I am hoping... that Jack feels better soon. He puked in the middle of the night. Welcome home, Mom!

I am hearing... the fridge hum, something draining in the sink. You know what isn't on this list? I am smelling... right now it is sandalwood incense that I'm burning.

Around the house... rugs have all arrived. Need to hang some artwork and some finishing touches in the living room and new dining room. Then I'll focus on our new family room. THEN I want to remodel the kitchen. And add a master suite. And a back porch.

One of my favorite things... cake.

A few plans for the rest of the week: mostly normal stuff: tennis clinics and matches, swim team, lacrosse, homeschool activities, etc. Also a doctor appt for the kids and a donation pick up scheduled.

Here is a picture I am sharing: From my only Minnesota run. The best of intentions... thwarted by weather and shopping!

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Tiffany said...

All lilics - LOVE THEM! I wish it was a beautiful day here - I planned on getting a run in outside at lunch but it snowed 14 inches yesterday, we have had at least 6 today and boy it is still coming down! I am just glad I live in Gunnison instead of Mt. Crested Butte - at least in Gunny there is no snow on my front lawn. Have a wonderful week.