Thursday, March 07, 2013


Routine dentist appointment led to 2 fewer teeth for Jack.
(the other one had her first cavity found and filled... 
fortunately it was small and in a baby tooth)
Love the toothless grin, but when do little boys start smiling semi-normally for photos? 
(and learn to clean their faces?!? I think that's jelly on his cheek &  forehead! What kind of mom does he have to let him walk around looking like that?!?)
After all that, we explored the world of mammoths, mastodons 
and other Colorado prehistoric creatures at the science museum. 
(We were supposed to be studying the mummies, but we got side tracked. Next visit!)
A little dinner at my favorite Denver pizza place.
A little shopping at the big REI.
And now we are snug little bugs, 
cozy in the mountains, 
and waiting for some snow.


ashlee bell said...

dreamy. (minus the tooth pulling!). enjoy your weekend!

Tiffany said...

Just keeping my 5 year old's face clean is a full time job! I have never seen such a messy eater - yogurt along will get in her hair, on her forehead, on her eyes and maybe - just maybe a little bit around her mouth!